from the John Jay Cloidt collection 247w

musical excerpts from DEPARTURE a new multi-media opera by EARWAX PRODUCTIONS and MOTION; PERFORMANCE WORKS BY NINA WISE.

The performers are: Will Bernard, electric guitar. Sheila Glover, voice. Don Hart, voice. Barney Jones, voice. Karen Loo, voice. Jim McKee, trombone and electronics. Andy Newell, keyboards. Elizabeth Summers, voice. Associate Director, Andrea Stanley. Sighting Designer & operator: Touran DeAnda. The music is by Andy Newell, Jim McKee, and Barney Jones with Nina Wise. It is scored for four synthesizers, sampler, electronic kick-drum, tape, electric guitar, brass, and voices. Ensemble parts are played by the IBM PC computer using Jim Miller's PERSONAL COMPOSER software and Voyetra's SEQUENCER PLUS.

DEPARTURE written and directed by Nina Wise in collaboration with EARWAX, Andrea Stanley and designer Allessandro Maruzzi, will be produced by MOTION at the Marin Community Playhouse on June 18, 19, 20, 21. For further information call the playhouse at 456-8555.

EARWAX productions is a group of audio artists whose collective skills include sound engineering, computer music programming, music direction and conducting, as well as composing for film, video, multi-media presentations, radio and theatrical sound design.

MOTION: PERFORMANCE WORKS BY NINA WISE has been creating multi-media theater works since 1974. In the past three years MOTION has earned seven Bay Area Theater Critics awards.

Special thanks to : Jack Carpenter, Rodney Brennen, Lloyd Minthorne, and George Siverts.

DEPARTURES is funded in part by grants from the San Francisco Foundation, California Arts Council and The Zellerbach Family Fund.