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Mobius Operandi Radical musical instruments propel Mobius Operandi's brave new sound.

Can you make new music with old tools? Most "serious" musicians use a small number of traditional instruments. To free himself from the constraints of familiarity, Oliver Di Cicco has built entirely new musical tools - instruments that look like the meticulously crafted instruments of an alien orchestra.

Long String Surgery [IMAGE] Synapse Misfire [IMAGE] The Dream [IMAGE] Passion v. Intellect [IMAGE]

Di Cicco's creations, which are played by his group, Mobius Operandi, are not just tools of rebellion against the musical status quo. He is also working against the non-physicality of digital samplers, MIDI, and the tremendously overused keyboard interface. Instruments such as the Trilon, standing four and a half feet tall, force a musician to engage its strange form with the entire body.

The music that Mobius Operandi makes is similarly difficult. Listening to it is often like eating a sandwich made by a chef trying to reinvent bread. But when you hunger for the new, you'll bite into some weird textures.