= July 20, 1994 =

Critic's Choice: Performance 'Scatterbrain'

Since moving to San Francisco in 1974 and founding Mobius Recording studio two years later (Brain Eno and Richard Thompson, among others, have made music here), New York native Oliver DiCicco has spent a lot of time building bizarre-looking musical instruments that happen to double as quirky modern sculptures.

An award-winning sound engineer who worked at Moog Music during the dinosaur age of synthesizer development, DiCicco and the Mobius Operandi ensemble periodically let loose in multimedia improvisational performances they hope will trigger a "collaborative out-of-mind experience" for Bay Area audiences. Incorporating music, dance, and video, Scatterbrain promises to unfurl as another free-floating sensory melange.

My left ear found the exotic sounds wafting from a publicist's answering machine quite hypnotic. Harry Roche

"Scatterbrain.' Thurs/21-Sun/24 and Fri/29-Sun/31. 8:30 p.m., SOMAR Theater, 934 Brannan, S.F. $12. (415) 433-9226.

Typed by Cheryl Vega 5-19-95