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[about F Moore performance]

Date: Tue, 2 Jul 1996 14:12:02 -0700 To: From: (K. Atchley) Subject: The Pain Factory Cc:,,,,

Fragmentary report on Sunday evening's televised event with Frank Moore Ensemble:

-Traffic into S.F. was a breeze.

-Producer of Channel 53's The Pain Factory is nice young man named Michael. He wore all black with "FUCK" emblazoned t-shirt.

-All program staff were very nice.

-Nice young man named Scott did *very* nice noise performance with radios/tvs/guitar pickup: Understated performance and beautifully paced.

-Two other nice young men did fairly tedious noise-guitar performance that explored world of hack noise-guitar sounds. But they were nice.

-Nice young woman named Debbie--who did not previously know any of the participating parties--responded to e-mail newsgroup listing to accept role as a "victim". She was fitted up with "gut bags"; i.e, two plastic bags (containing pig guts) taped to her abdomen. She had thought the bags would contain noodles.

-Debbie was snatched off stage during performance by "monsters", placed on large ground cloth and ripped open, thus strewing pig guts about. Victim then came back to life and frugged with naked Linda.

-Frank's nice, handsome, blonde-haired rockguitarist son played--in true rockguitarist fashion--so loud that little else was heard.

-Couldn't hear Frank at all. See above re: rock guitar.

-Only looked at monitor once during our performance: camera framed great solo shot of be-leoparded Barb.

-Smell of pig guts was so disgusting that one monster (a pot bellied old guy who hit on all the girls and was generally annoying and creepy) said that he "almost threw up on the girl [Debbie] when [he] tore her open."

-I had really been anticipating a nice alcoholic beverage and perhaps a burger w/Barb after show; but, see above re: smell of pig guts.

-TV studio was so cold that I did not sweat to death during performance. For true comfort, I should only perform on TV.

-E-mailed Frank and entourage my thanks and said that I hoped there would be more opportunities for performing with them. Have not heard a word from them since.

Date: Tue, 2 Jul 1996 17:59:43 -0700 (PDT) From: barb Barbara Golden] To: "K. Atchley" Cc:,,,, Subject: Re: The Pain Factory

frank was taking a rest from emailing. i think it is very labour intensive for him. his mic was not on at all. the sound guy might have been "nice" but he past tensed producers t-shirt mightily according to frank and linda. finally he turned on franks voice mic. old potbellied monster came onto me early. when i saw him naked i was so disgusted *I* almost threw up, without pig guts. then he offered me a foot massage. i literally ran away. now the rock guitar son has another rock drummer, so we'll never hear the tape again. oh, well, stress free gig. i recommend we all go onto pain factory. the guy is looking for acts. b

The Pain Factory is a monthly/bi-monthly live television show, broadcast in San Francisco on Channel 53 City Visions (Public Access). Directed and Produced by Michael Contreras. It is only seen in SF because of cable laws/limitations/area/population control etc... The show features live performances, in the studio. As well as taped performances\video clips\short films\random images and visuals manipulated while being aired.