email From Fri Jan 5 20:58:33 1996 214w

[Frank Moore on Barbara Golden's Crack O' Dawn show Jan 5 1996]


last night on the radio was a gas of a good time. we packed two studios of the station [KPFA] with people with their stuff. there was barb [Golden] and corey on keyboards; med-o of 848 on sax; Kenneth Atchley on "noise" guitar; linda as cher; michael as back-up vocals on I AM WOMAN; and my voice... and the original records in the background. also the woman who was set up in the studio to play after us [Lisa Moskow] started playing along on her sarod!

my favorite part of the 30 minute set was the last 5 minutes when we just jam-played. we chewed up reality all through the set, relaxed, without the limitations of being "good", just enjoying coming together, and what came out had that healing fun quality....and amazing enough, it was great musically in a weird way... people calling in after the set had to tilt their heads in order to realize they liked it.

i now have the fantasy is doing a 45-minute -or longer- continuous jam at a club with these -and other- "musicians" who are free enough to just play!