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From sfraves-request Tue Sep 1 23:17:34 1992 From: murphy@ucscb.UCSC.EDU (71199000) Date: Tue, 1 Sep 92 23:09:53 -0700 Subject: I MAGI NATION

Hello, everyone! It's me, Marlo, of the rarely-posting breed. My friends here in Santa Cruz are in a neat sort of collective called Weird Blinking Lights and incidentally make weird blinking lights and other cool effects. They sent me this flyer which of course should be posted here. It sounds really fun. They are great people and Big City Orchestra is awesome. I don't know anything about the other participants (except the DJ's and so do you). So, what I am subliminally trying to say is: GO go Go gO Gooooooooooo!!! See you there! :) :) :) :) :) :)

I MAGI NATION Moon Void Of Course

TWO HUGE ROOMS Free food and free non-alcoholic drinks!!!!! DJ'S: JENO GARTH MARKIE MARK SYNTHESIS

Featuring the largest experimental sound and visual room EVER! sense/net nuxvomica-freeland, hinton, big city orchestra foundation for public broadcasting doderinmart electric gong iaocore and many more suprises

space voyage mind expanding lasers

visuals by liquid windows, paradise productions, and weird blinking lights

live music performed by mindarc and the darwin chamber bring blankets and pillows...

relax get cosey and cuddle with us from 10pm-7am 9/10 3rd & Townsend, SF (415)995-2717

a MAGIC SUN PRODUCTION use your imagination

From sfraves-request Thu Sep 10 12:43:15 1992 From: ecsd@tfs.COM (Eric C. S. Dynamic) Date: Thu, 10 Sep 92 11:05:55 PDT Subject: Rave Notice - Way ASAP

There will be a rave at 177 townsend TODAY, 10PM - 7AM.

"I MAGI NATION" with Jeno, Markie Mark, Garth, Synthesis, Sense/Net, IAO Core, Big City Orchestre, Nux Vomica, et. al. Subtitled "Moon Void of Course". No info on prices. 21 and over only. (415) 995-2717 for info.

Some members of my magickal group will be performing rituals there. It promises to be promising. Richard Sun organized it, if you know who he is.

Come be part of the future! Bring your energy and bring your own and bring you.


From sfraves-request@medisg.Stanford.EDU Fri Sep 11 12:22:03 1992 From: (Larry Ching) Date: Fri, 11 Sep 92 11:25:57 PDT Subject: An Affordable I MAGI NATION

The admission was a $12.00 'donation' - $10.00 if you plead poverty. I was told that admission was free after 4AM, but I was too tired to bother to verify this.

The experience began in the hallway leading from the entrance to the bar room. There was a kinetic sculpture of a tree with moving heads. Some projections and a strobe, plus a poor man's Dream Machine ( a halogen bulb hanging in a rotating bucket that had vertical rectangular slots cut into it ).

The bar room was occupied by a smart/juice bar, jewelry, an overhead projection screen, a candy table, the "Weird Blinking Lights" table, and the Darwin Chamber merchandising table ( shirts and tapes ). Upstairs, in one room was located a video/projector chill space, which metamorphosized into a rather harsh sonic environment later in the evening. The open space upstairs was occupied by some "Weird Blinking Lights" LED electronics and sculpture. In the same open upstairs space was the magik group, who performed various rituals through the night.

The dancefloor really didn't hit a cosy dancer density until about 1 AM. I saw two live performances; the first was by two guys who I thought introduced themselves as "The Entity", but the flyer says "Mindarc", so who knows? They played a danceable, but somewhat anonymous synth sound. The second performance I saw was another duo called Darwin Chamber - I liked them! Their use of samples adds a deeper dimension to the dance beats, and it doesn't hurt that they have a cartoon sense of humor. As I'm writing this, I'm listening to one of their tapes. The address on the tape inner sleeve implies that they're from San Rafael.

Before and after the performances, the music was provided by the DJs. Of the DJs listed on the flyer - Jeno, Garth, Markie Mark, ( and Synthesis ?), I liked Garth the most. Of course, Markie Mark came on after 3:15, when I was starting to fade out.

BUT - I was very impressed with the large ambient chill room in the back! Good projections, and a smart toast bar ( more about that later ), but the SOUND! It seems they approached the owner of Auricular Records to gather together members of various local experimental/ambient industrial bands to provide the sonic environment. So, behind a twenty foot long array of tape machines, synths, samplers, electronic effects, and acoustic instruments were members of IAO Core, Big City Orchestre, Nux Vomica, and others - jamming on the machines together as SENSE/NET. I happen to like ambient industrial, so I was enjoying it a lot. I just wish there was a division of the room into a talking section and silent section, for folks like me to really get deep into the sonic soup without being distracted by the conversations of others.

I understand that Auricular is planning to release an edited version of the night's set.

Above the floor was the projectors, as well as patron participation area where people could "play" sounds by passing their hands in front of light sensors. This area was set up by a business (?) called ODDERNMART. Their info says that they're on 1387 Baker St. in SF - (415) 346-8129.

And then, there was the smart toast! Two gals sharing the Auricular Records merchandise table were selling toast, with or without jelly mixed with nutrient powder. I had a slice of sourdough, a little butter, and strawberry jelly mixed with Vital Health Food Supplement Cocktail powder. It tasted good, and was something a little solid to go with all the water and juice I had been drinking.

Other SFRavers I saw at I MAGI NATION - The Normals, Lee Fogel, Jon Pincus, Marlo, a "Weird Blinking Lights" guy, and Brad (?) outside as I was leaving. For those of you who don't know my face, I was the guy wearing the HAWKWIND t-shirt. ( by the way, I didn't remember to look for you, Eric, until I got home and re-read your posting! How did the magik rituals go? I thought it would be too bloody noisy for that kind of activity ! ).


It's 11AM, and I'm going to stay up long enough go to the opening of HELLRAISER III: HELL ON EARTH. Then, back home to sweet (?) dreams.

Larry Ching /

PS - Thanks for all the advice on catching the train! I had a trouble- -free ride to and from San Francisco. I just wish a person could really stretch out and sleep !

From sfraves-request@medisg.Stanford.EDU Fri Sep 11 13:36:01 1992 From: The Normals Date: Fri, 11 Sep 1992 13:15:34 -0700 Subject: Re: An Affordable I MAGI NATION

We too had a great time at I Magi Nation. We're really hoping to see more ambient/chill spaces in clubs as it is wonderful to be able to have a place to cool out and uncrank. The bass from the main dancefloor boomed through the wall into the ambient room, but the musicians adapted to it and wove their music into and around it. Great visuals, too, by a group of artists including the stellar Phylace Laurie. The two of us have really been getting into the whole ambient side lately. We thought $12 was a bit high for thursday night indoors, but left feeling that it was worth it. Garth was just amazing - he almost always works for me, though! Looking forward to the FMR - or so we hope. Anyone going with car space, let us know! email here or call 415.647.2926 and record a message... ;-> see you in the future...


From sfraves-request@medisg.Stanford.EDU Sun Sep 13 04:37:18 1992 From: (71199000) Date: Sun, 13 Sep 92 04:22:10 -0700 Subject: Re: I MAGI NATION

Great rave.....

weird blinking lights, strange video footage, a twirling head, a blinking head, lasers, LASERS, Sense/Net, noise, tape loops, happpy happy noise noise, keyboards galore and an interactive keyboard set-up, fractals, flowers, magickal rituals, art, projections everywhere, music (live and memorex er DJ'd) , and people....sfravers(hello!), many scwbl'ers, and others I met there or have met previously. = :)

IMHO Richard Sun really knows how to put together a rave. It's just too bad so many good raves lose money. I highly recommend experiencing a Magic Sun Production rave if you have the chance.