EXPRESS MARCH 4, 1994. 156w

DREAMLAND, BEEG SEEDY ORCHESTRA, and BETTER HOSE & GARTERS. A full night of musical experimentation in many forms.

One of the more intriguing bands on the alternative scene. Dreamland is nothing short of what might happen if the Velvet Underground met up with Albert Ayler in Eastern Europe and tried to discover the connection between Celtic and Bulgarian music. The amazing ex-Kitka vocalist Mantra Ben-Ya'akova gets wildly theatrical while doing those soprano leaps that could be Bulgarian folk one moment, raunchy rock or free improv the next.

B.S. Orchestra is a performance group deep into audio manipulation, especially of the vinyl sort.

Better Hose, an all-"star", all-woman troupe that shamelessly plunders performance art, industrial music, Chinese opera, and other forms to create spontaneous pieces, usually performs with

the Haters, whose music is self-described as "unstable molecules transferring energy between stable molecules."

(L.K.) 9:30 pm Starry Plough, 3102 Shattuck, Bkly