ND 13 HARDCORE LIVE ART 1989 TEXAS. Contents copyright 1990, ND, PO Box 4144, Austin, Texas 78765 U.S.A. 198w


Big City Orchestra "Headache Remedy" (Ecto Tapes, 5912 NW 62nd Terr, OKC, OK 73122) Great cassette of collaged voices, sources and sounds on one side, and the other side is one of the slow ambient rumblings.

Deathranch (Onanathra" (c/o Skidloy, 1473 Redwood Dr, Santa Cruz, CA 95060) The first side of this cassette offers haunting pulses of dreamy ambient sounds and surges for opening all the windows and dreaming deep. With side two you get more active weirdness of looping voices and whining sounds.

PGR/Thessalonians "The Black Field" [Silent Records, 540 Alabama Suite 315, San Francisco CA 94110] Some real sonic scraping material here for you music concrete fans. Atonal waves of sound for metaphysical ponderings. Also received a single title "Euphoria, Order and Chaos" which features prepared guitar and found percussion.

Mike Shannon "Busking for Obelisks" (Joy Street Studios, 18 Joy Street, San Francisco, CA 94110) Enjoyable cassette with a variety of effects and sounds. Like a strange collection of soundtracks to experimental films or such. Some real enchanting stuff here as well.