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Povertech industries was established to promote and release experimental sound. Part of this process includes sharing resources, networking, travel, and live performance. We encourage any interested individuals or organizations working outside of the "mainstream" to get in touch and involved- let us know what you're doing.

crawl unit is the solo experimental sound project of joe colley. activities include studio composition, collaboration, and performance. crawl unit has performed numerous times in san francisco, los angeles, and in the pacific northwest opening for daniel menche, small cruel party, hijo kaidan, solmania, merzbow, haters, etc. performances usually consist of solo improvised electronics, processed tape, effects, or amplified objects. videoartist scott arford has created background projections for several events. collaborative efforts are underway with japanese noise artist msbr (to be released on cd by isomorphic), dutch storyteller willem deridder (a 7" vinyl release on povertech), small cruel party (a forthcoming double 7"), and others. crawl unit releases include a 10" vinyl ep (povertech 1993), 7" ep (povertech 1994 reissued 1996), numerous cassettes (on realization, chocolate monk, g.r.o.s.s., etc.), 3 cds (one live from rrr's pure series, one from haters2povertech, and a new one from manifold), and compilation appearances (interference cd+book from 23 5, japanese-american noise treaty, accelerating world, etc) a tour of japan is planned for mid 1997.

Povertech Industries has released material from a wide variety of groups and individuals.

crawl unit "aftermusic" cd (1994) 68 minutes of electro-acoustic constructions and experiments. a document of shorter pieces made from manipulated tape and other sounds. still available 8$ ppd u.s. / $10 world.

crawl unit "1993" 10"ep (1993) first vinyl release. produced at the povertech mobile studio in boston, ma. a document of several early pieces using loops, processed tape and radio sounds. edition of 300 in handmade sleeves. (out of print)

crawl unit "vs. silence" cd (1996) a split release between povertech and manifold. this cd is an exploration of extremely minimal bass drifts and drones. 12$ ppd u.s. / 14$ world

ECOMCON "analog" 7"ep (1994) clear vinyl ep constructed of 100% recycled audio. a collision of media snippets precisely arranged. color cover. $3ppd u.s. / 5$ world various artists "northern california audio document" 7"ep (1996) a compilation of experimental sound from sacramento, ca. contains tracks from crawl unit, cmu, and ecomcon. support the scene. $4 ppd us / 6$ wrld POVERTECH ARTIFACT SERIES: a series of periodic 7" vinyl eps focusing on strong abstract sound from some of the best artists working in the experimental / "noise"/whatever underground. each record is $4 ppd us / $6 world except as noted.

artifact zero: CRAWL UNIT "REMAINS" a reissue of the debut c.u. 7" in a new cover. out of print for 2 years. artifact four: WILLEM DERIDDER/CRAWL UNIT "VOICE AND SOUND" two spoken short stories by the master dutch storyteller told over sounds by crawl unit. a mail collaboration.