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from Charnel Music Catalog, Fall 94

* Mandible Chatter "Serenade for Anton" San Francisco guitar-noise duets, recorded live. A variety of sound textures, from the calm to the intense, reminding at moments of Null's solo works. C-60......................$6

downloaded from ND magazine website on may 28 1995 excerpts from "as of spring 1994" reviews file

Mandible Chatter Drinking Out the Hourglass [Russell Records, 73 Sharon St., San Francisco, CA 94114] (CD, 54min) Exploratory hypnotic soundscapes, though perhaps at times with more sonic and sinister touches. Alternating between a slow rumbling and drifting sound into rougher territory up to the very odd bohemian ending. (DP)

Mandible Chatter The Death of Sweetness [Ladd-Frith] (C-45) Slow and brooding. Two tracks total on this cassette. People usually tag this type of material atmospheric, background music; I call it meandering electronic noodling. Like having the TV on while youre taking a nap. (JB)\