Charnel House vol. 1, no. News-sheet & catalog 12-29-93 493w

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To provide a bit of self-promotion, Trance has been busy, and will have some new releases available soon. First is a collaboration with Pittsburgh's noise progeny Macronympha, entitled Audio Image Assault. To be released by the time you read this, it will be another gorgeous cassette release by Japan's G.R.O.S.S. Tapes. Next will be a Trance 7" from England's Fourth Dimension Records entitled Notre-Dame de L'oubli. Also in the works for this winter is a live Trance CD entitled Contents Under Pressure, from Flying Esophagus Productions. It will feature recordings from collaborative shows with Allegory Chapel Ltd, Jim O'Rourke, Joe Papa (of Controlled Bleeding), Turbo Messiah, and more. The next studio CD, Augury, is currently seeking a home, so stay tuned.

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Trance "Guitar Noise EP" We like little slabs of vinyl, so here's another one, featuring two hunks of high distortion guitar abuse. Side A is "Monk on Fire," a solo studio improvisation, while side B is "Live at the Heinz," an epitaph for Oakland's Heinz Club. It was recorded a few months back, opening for Japan's C.C.C.C., with guest Elden M adding vocals. You won't believe these sounds came from a guitar! On red vinyl in a purple sleeve, limited to 500 numbered copies. CHS-2 $5

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TRANCE "Automatism" The first CD release by San Francisco-based Trance, this contains a full hour of brand-new material, including three live tracks recorded in SF. From the driving percussion of "Transaction" through the dizzying guitar/vocal theatrics of "Certain Confusion" to the noise-hell of "Hysteria Dementia," the listener is treated to a dense audio nightmare. Note: Very few copies remain of this release, which may or may not be re-issued. CHCD-2 $12

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Trance Audiography The latest CD release from our in-house artist. Dark, symphonic pieces mix with percussive rhythms. Instruments range from sitar and tabla to cello and violin to groaning, mechanical tumblings. Packaged with a beautiful cover photocollage by Monte Cazazza and Michelle Handelman and a booklet of text to accompany the music. Staalplaat, CD $14

Trance/Macronympha Audio Image Assault One of the newest G.R.O.S.S. Tapes releases, feature in our very own Trance, teamed with Pittsburgh's loudest group. This by-mail collaboration had Macronympha send recordings to Trance, which were then demolished and re-assembled with new and strange sources. In a beautifully-packaged cassette as always from this fine label. G.R.O.S.S. Tapes, C-46 $10

Trance/D.S. Hastings Unyielding Firmament/Toybox A new split release from France's Sounds for Consciousness Rape label. A long time in the making, this is some pretty harsh stuff from both artists. Trance's side is some dense, churning, thick noise while the Hastings side is a bit less dense but still strong stuff. In a very nicely-presented cassette package. S.F.C.R., C-60 $8

Typed by Cheryl Vega 5-20-95