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Greatest Hits 1981-1991 (Ladd-Frith LF73) CD

My preconceived image of the Psyclones was of "another guitar-pop band". I couldn't have been further from the truth. Psyclones are one of those bands whose product differs with each release. This gathering of their chameleonic nature celebrates this diversity. All the hits are here! Brian Ladd and Julie Frith originally started life as a grunge rock cowabunga band judging by their earlier material: Electric Tone, Stuck in a Rut and The Drug Store. Their present state of being is anybody's guess. What makes them stand out from the ground is their electronic manipulation of voices. Elements of Foetus' maniacal-classical style, early Severed Heads, Husker Du, and even Zoviet France are all evident at different stages in their evolution. Yes, Psyclones have "the gift of noise", may they bring it to you. [Contact Ladd-Frith at PO Box 697, Eureka, CA 95502-0967, USA for a catalogue] MR