downloaded from the web on july 10 1996 copyright 254w

tuesday, july 2, 1996 hotel utah 500 fourth street (near bryant) san francisco also: crawl unit and a m k REVIEW: From: bill christman Subject: vinyl theme night...

In the So. Bay it was about 90 degrees, 45 miles north in SF it was -46 below, go figure... The theme for this show seemed to be vinyl destruction. AMK (all four of them) played montage on five turntables with cut up flexi-discs and non-selling, fire-treated gerogerigegege singles. One of the turntables crapped out early and found itself under the auspices of a very large cinder block. Pint beer glasses, pieces of the crushed turntable and glass coasters were used to enhance the sound even further.

Crawl Unit, with a small pile of technology, did a droning, feedback-laced set that had the Utah silent. Rocking back and forth on his rent-a-chair, Mr. Unit manipulated Mr. Microphone whilst mixing and twisting the resulting sounds. A quiet reflection and hiss filled set.

The Haters furthered the vinyl fetish theme by stapling a pile of 12" records. Victims of the microphone'd and sound-processed staple gun included Phil Collins, Cinderella and the always favorite Laura Brannigan. Two of the Haters took the stapling to heart by processing it thought a veritable plethora of effects which, of course, had no effect on the already distorted signal. Piles of vinyl were given away at the end. "Don't worry folks, there's plenty of souvenirs for everyone!"