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25 Performances

1/5/1979 New York Smash a mirror, letting the pieces fall where they may. The fractured mirror still functions. Multidimensionally; reflecting different perspectives of the subject involved. As an example of this very principal, Jupitter-Larsen smashed up several video cassettes by hitting them repeatedly with a video camera. The fractured videos still radiated images. Not by television, but by entropy. Staged at a small gallery, this premiere performance lasted 18 minutes. Entitled "Alluring." (#1)

6/4/1986 Boulder Presented in a small club, this untitled performance consisted of three members of The Haters playing a variety of noise generators. The performance ended after 20 minutes when inside agitators lead the audience to riot. (#32)

21/8/1987 Berkeley Four members of The Haters were standing behind several huge pieces of foam that were hanging from above, cutting their way through. As holes begun to form on the audience's side, people started shoving garbage through to them. Chaos soon arised, and the club got trashed. Untitled. (#62)

28/10/1988 Denver Three members of The Haters performed by breaking wooden objects, ripping paintings & mattresses, smashing up metal objects and setting off smoke-bombs. The audience joined in on the celebration by destroying everything in the club. Pandemonium epitomizing merriment. Performance lasted 25 minutes. Untitled. (#72)

13/10/1989 Paris While one member of The Haters tore paper, another member was cutting fabric. After they were done with this, they both turned to wooden, plastic and glass props. The wood was broken. The plastic was crushed. And the glass was shattered. During this 25 minute untitled performance, tearing sounds & white noise were amplified. Playful applause came from the east-end club audience. (#89)

2/3/1990 San Francisco Using different coloured jellied mixtures of gasoline & detergent, abstracts were first rendered on a variety of surfaces and then ignited. Painting with napalm. This was the 100th performance and it was entitled "Not an Image of The Totimorphous." (#100)

10/6/1990 San Francisco Ross is a mythological character. A mathematician who's peace of mind was once said to sound much like a calculator being rubbed against sandpaper. A reference to "a beauty resorting from the wearing down of numbers." So as a performance entitled "The Thinking Ross Does", two members of The Haters each rubbed a calculator against very abrasive sandpaper. A contact-mic had been mounted on each of the calculators. The sound of the rubbing was amplified loud! Staged for 25 minutes at a small gallery. The two of them, sitting at a table; rubbing away. Strongly audible. (#101)

18/5/1991 San Francisco Staged at 02h30 in the basement of a warehouse, five members of The Haters were involved. The main props were paper, a telephone, a motorcycle, three car hoods, four car doors, six tires and a hundred phonograph records. The Haters performed by first tearing paper, and then smashing up the metal objects with crowbars and large hammers. The records were thrown about by both performers and audience members alike. In fact, many from the audience joined in on the smashing as well. During this 15 minute performance, tearing sounds & white noise were amplified in a field of ear-piercing feedback. Entitled "A Trapeze Number." (#119)

28/9/1991 Budapest Over 200 people packed a small club to see four members of The Haters tear paper and cut fabric and break wood and smash glass. During this 30 minute performance, the pre-recorded sounds of "breaking & smashing" were amplified. Entitled "A Trapeze Number."(#138)

28/12/1991 New York A "clici-clic" is a hand-held hole-punch mounted with a contact-mic for amplification. Three members of The Haters each used a clici-clic to pop hundreds upon hundreds of little holes through numerous sheets of paper & cardboard. For 28 minutes, the sound of the crushing was amplified into a fragile expansion of textural noises. Staged in a gallery's freight elevator, this performance was entitled both "Building Empty Holes" and "The Potential."(#155)

30/10/1992 Paris While one performer held an electric drill mounted with a grinding wheel, the second performer slowly pushed a live microphone into the spinning grinder to gently wear it down to a stub. The audience cheered on. Entitled "The Grinding Gig", this performance lasted 20 minutes. (#174)

18/12/1992 New York Two members of The Haters were involved in more wear & tear by performing "The Grinding Gig" in a dark warehouse basement full of junk. The main source of lighting was the blank static from a TV set hung just above the performers. During the whole 25 minutes, a petrol-like fragrance poured out from the grinder's motor. As the microphone was slowly pushed into the grinding wheel, it turned into a fine black powder which filled the air. (#181)

1/1/1993 New York With screwdriver in hand, Jupitter-Larsen quietly removed 100 screws from the Coney Island Boardwalk. Staged during most of the day, this performance was another variation of "Building Empty Holes." (#182)

7/7/1993 San Francisco Centre stage, seven members of The Haters sat watching blank static on a TV while slowly cutting up large pieces of cardboard with small knifes. The same TV static was also being projected, covering three of the four walls of the club. The hiss of the static was amplified loudly enough to rattle the whole space. Hung from above, during this 20 minute untitled performance was a 6.5 square meter ion-gun. This device propelled massive clouds of ions into the 160 member audience. Once charged, little arcs of electricity started bouncing from person to person. It was an austere spectacle of audio static, video static, and static electricity. Custom designed & built for The Haters by Greg Leyh, the ion-gun consisted of a high voltage wire grid that created an uniform static electric field. The entire audience was charged to five thousand volts. Persons with a higher capacity for charge would transfer that charge to those with a lesser capacity. Thorough fun was had as audience members chased one another giving each other shocks. (#188)

9/9/1993 San Francisco The club was hot & crowded, and then were was the presentation on stage. Puppeteers pumped away at large peddles to animate two large metal puppets mounted on stands. The puppets swung about wildly, whacking everything with the long rods they held. These two puppets were placed on opposite sides of a marionette made from a pile of garbage-cans propelling up & down. It looked as if the two performers were smashing up junk, however during the course of this performance, it was the performers who fell apart, leaving the pile of garbage intact. Custom designed & built for The Haters by Chip Flynn, each of the puppets were equipped with a contact-mic so a third performer could mix the puppet noises with pre-recorded sounds of glass breaking. Entitled "The Puppet Show." (#190)

18/6/1994 Lost Skulls Mine Staged in the Nevada desert, The Haters unceremoniously detonated a series of explosions. Loud orange fire balls rose towards the night sky. Several from the cheering audience quickly joined in the festivity by helping to put out the resulting small brush-fires. Entitled "Orchestrated Explosions." (#198)

25/6/1994 Los Angeles For 20 minutes, four puppeteers were taking turns playing two large metal puppets that recklessly swung beating on a marionette made from a pile of trash & garbage-cans. Contact-mics were mounted on each of the puppets, and the performers would also take turns mixing the puppet noises with recordings of previous puppet shows. Attentive applause & cheers from the audience. This was the 200th and it was entitled "The Puppet Show." (#200)

1/7/1994 Livermore By sky diving with a large drill-bit in hand, Jupitter-Larsen drilled a hole through the sky. Staged near the Byron Airport, the jump was made from about 3,000 metres. About 40 seconds of free fall was followed by a descent under canopy for about 4 minutes. A small audience on ground applauded. Entitled "Building An Empty Hole."(#201)

5/11/1994 Los Angeles For 28 minutes six performers were using electric sanders to wear away the motorcycle tires each of them are wearing over their shoulders. The audience applauded. Entitled "Changing The Tire."(#203)

4/2/1995 San Francisco Four performers were taking turns throwing fire-works into a large metal box. All kinds of fire-works were used; nearly a thousand pieces in total. Sparks were flying; and not only did the smoke billow out from the opening on top, but it spouted from cracks along the edges as well. The front of the box was made of a clear bullet-proof plastic, so the audience could watch the glow. Contact-mics in the box were used to amplify the noise. Two other performers also played a variety of noise generators during the 20 minutes of this performance. Prolonged applause from the audience. Entitled "Bang Box." (#205)

20/5/1995 Sacramento The original intent was for a version of "Teeaarrr" in which three performers would tear pages out of books that had contact-mics inserted into the spines. The amps were blown in 30 seconds. (#210)

31/5/1995 Chicago Four members of The Haters destroyed a pile of garbage. Everyone from the gallery audience helped out in making a mess of the place. Entitled "A Trapeze Number." (#211)

18/6/1995 New York A young girl dressed in a gown was wearing an auto tire over her shoulder like a banner. Using an electric drill mounted with a sanding wheel, Jupitter-Larsen was wearing away at this tire for 30 minutes. A third performer was processing the resulting sounds. The smell of rubber filled the small club. Polite applause followed. Entitled "Changing The Tire." (#213)

27/6/1995 San Francisco Two performers used electric sanders to wear away the motorcycle tires that two other performers were wearing over their shoulders. A fifth performer was processing the resulting sounds. And a sixth was slowly cutting away at a tire with a razor-blade. It lasted 22 minutes. The smell of rubber was everywhere. Applause followed. Entitled "Changing The Tire." (#215)

2/7/1995 Seattle One performer was drilling holes in over sized scraps of wood, while two others were pounding on a large mental box. The drill was amplified. A fourth member of The Haters was tearing up sheets of paper, and throwing plastic flower-pots into the audience. About a hundred flower-pots in total. For 15 minutes, inside agitators got the club audience to throw the stuff right back at the performers. Entitled "A Trapeze Number." (#216)