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A Brief Discography:

THE HATERS EP (Self-released, 1983) THE HATERS, IN THE SHADE OF FIRE LP (Silent, 1986) WIND LICKED DIRT LP (RRRecords, 1988) TRACTOR LP (Alamut Records, 1988) FIRE EP (Silent, 1990) THE TOTIMORPHOUS CD (V2 Archief, 1992) BLANK BANNER CD (We Never Sleep, 1993) WIND LICKED DIRT CD (Self-released, 1993) K2 & THE HATERS EP (K.M.I. and Banned, 1994) POLYWELLE TYKIT EP (Syntactic, 1994) URBAN SENSITIVITY CD (Commercial Failure, 1994) SWEET AUSTERITY Mini-LP (Commercial Failure, 1994) ORDINARILY NOWHERE CD (RRRecords, 1995)

Jupitter-Larsen Bibliography A list of short stories, magazine articles and editorials by Jupitter-Larsen has never been put together. The following is a list of books and booklets credited to him....

BUT UNEMPLOYMENT IS THE ANSWER Collection of thought probabilities regarding stillness. Four pages. (Self-published, 1978)

COSMONAUTS AND ROCKET SHIPS Collection of thought probabilities regarding emptiness, TV static and shovels. Four pages. (Self-published, 1982)

A BASIC INTRODUCTION TO THE T.N.U. Mini-catalogue of a numeral sequel based on relationships between linear numbers which don't neighbor each other. Printed on white card. Eight pages. (Self-published, 1985)

CONCEPTOLOGY: FRACTIONATING CONCEPTS A how-to booklet on "fractionating concepts as a means of information retexturalization." Twelve pages. (Self-published,1985)

THE FACTS ON POLYWAVE A review on the concepts of both facts and motion. Twelve pages. (Self-published, 1986)

THE TOTIMORPHOUS Literary-documentation on a house built out of logic. Eight pages. (Self-published, 1986)

A BASIC INTRODUCTION TO THE T.N.U. Second printing. Printed on grey card. (Self-published, 1987)

FINAL A one act play about "4 guys talking to himself." Twelve pages. 38 LEMMAS Collection of thought probabilities regarding existence. Four pages. (Self-published, 1988)

A BASIC INTRODUCTION TO THE T.N.U. Enclosed in this special third printing is a small phonograph record featuring four tracks of Jupitter-Larsen reading from the said text. Record has standard grooves on one side, and random grooves on the other. Six-page booklet printed on grey card; record pressed on grey vinyl. (Published by Alamut Records, 1990)

34 ESSAYS Collection of 34 essays written from 1981 to 1991. Sixty-one pages. First printing with white, red & black cover. (Published by N D, 1991)

34 ESSAYS Second printing with white, green & black cover. (Published by N D, 1992)

RAW ZED & THE CONDOR A novel about nomads, the weather and radio static. 153 pages. (Published by Blood Print Press, 1992)

THESE THINGS HAPPEN A novel about travel, tunnels, and television. (Unpublished)

ADVENTURE ON THE HIGH SEAS A novel about wrestlers, elevators, and anti-time. (Unpublished)

SOMETIMES NEVER A novel about a spy, who while observing Kettleday, reflects on a series of fanatic coincidences that take place on several planets. (Unpublished)