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DEATH SQUAD 1997 TOUR From San Francisco To New York & Back Again At this very moment a tour is being planned for the US. This will be comprised of a coast to coast driving adventure. Tentatively scheduled for the winter/spring of 97. We will be more than happy to visit everyone's town. We will also be conducting thorough house to house searches. Your help is needed though. You need to point out the enemies along the way. If you would be interested in helping book as how please kontakt us. Sample audio and press release material and a complete info sheet is available upon request. In brief Death Squad is a performance unit manipulating the very fabric of social consciousness. Presentations include but are not limited to 16mm/Super8 films and loops, video projecting, visual images i.e.: photography/paintings and the written word. The material presented will constantly allow the participating viewer/audience member the opportunity to interact and to reconstruct meaning in whatever shape or form they prefer. We are about you. Death Squad is not a band. There are no drums there are no guitars. The emphasis is on the images and atmospheres not the individuals. The sounds are about the modifications needed and required to maintain an acceptable level of daily existence. The threads of thought we actuate as reality simply do not exist. There is no other way to confront the viewpoints and opinions of mediated mis-information. The answer is oblivion and will be such until the tools and weapons have been turned against their creators. This Tour is a reconnaissance mission to gain the needed information and estimate the energy required to establish a psychological perimeter for the coming days of doom. The materials and techniques learned from these recon probes (the unit known as deathsquad) will be used for the final and true infiltration into the international market of sublimation and unconscious re-programming. Death Squad needs recruits. An Organization such as ours needs to be filled with the indoctrinated. The human mind does not need to be educated until we survey it and implant the necessary information for its true expansion, a foundation of our truth for your mind. Propagating propaganda. The normal avenues of expression are being destroyed. We need minions now! In The near future we will have a substantial need for delivery agents. These agents will help us collect and redistribute the shelled out husks of human awareness. The shattered brains and minds of a society no longer in need of such trivial items, like thought. The individual will have no use for independent thought. Once they have been exposed and have accepted us as their one true faith. In gods endless ignorance and supposed love he crippled man with the idea of religion. We will empower you to come one of truly chosen individuals who may walk across the face of this earth with complete confidence of self. Knowing that your reprogramming was well worth the loss of consciousness. Death Squad wants you. If your interested please kontakt us. There is very Little time left. We will go anywhere. We will do anything. We will accommodate everyone. By helping us you are helping yourselves. ....end of transmission... KONTAKTING US... Death Squad P.O.Box 411315 San Francisco, CA 94141-1315


The Terrorist Projekt An audio visual manual from various participants engaging the concept of terrorists and terrorism. THE TERRORIST PROJEKT DEADLINE EXTENDED FALL 1996 Currently Spastik Soniks is seeking submissions for an audio/visual presentation manual. This will include a booklet/magazine and an audio cassette tape. The theme of this projekt is Terrorists & Terrorism. Submissions should be directed around this idea/concept. Not necessarily any specific type of terrorism like political acts of violence, or even individual acts. But basically how you feel about it. Personal terrorism, daily terrorism, thought terrorism, police terrorism, government terrorists. How it effects you, how you can use it, why you want to use it, why we need it, what it is, what it does, how we can refine it, how we can stop it. Whatever perspective whatever angle you would like to write about. You pretty much dictate the opinion and direction of study on this. Any form of writings accepted. The booklet/magazine size will depend on the amount of submissions. The cassette though will be limited to 60 minutes. So if your submitting audio. Make it short and to the point. Acceptable formats and submissions:

AUDIO: As far as the cassette is concerned please submit audio pieces on high quality tapes, Either chrome or metal you may submit as many pieces as you wish. Also please include the running time of each piece and the title. As well as an address where you can be reached. This information will help greatly. Lastly all forms of music will be considered your submission does not have to be in any specific genre. All types and styles of music will be considered even if you would like to submit spoken audio pieces rants sound collages, sound stories. Pretty much anything goes as long as it stays in line with the topic Terrorism and or terrorists The only criteria is that it is good understanding of course the subjective nature of this term.

WRITINGS: There is no real structure for written material submitted. Poems/observations/ free form automatic writings, scrawls whatever. Tentatively the book will be 8 1/2 x 11. All submitted material should fit into this size. If not I can always reduce it. Preferably I would like all of the writings and artwork ready to go. This means that the original material you submit will appear exactly as it is received. The booklet will be black and white, keep this in mind if you are submitting color artwork. It won't always look as good when copied. I will not edit or tamper with anyone's artwork. Except for reductions/ enlargements. You should include specific instructions if needed.

ARTWORK: Also if you don't feel like submitting an essay, writings, or rants, or audio. I will be more than happy to accept pages of artwork, photographs, polaroids, any visual medium. This is as good as any other submission. In some cases even better. Artwork should also be ready to go. It will appear as submitted. So it is best to submit black and white artwork.

MISC: Finally all submissions are non-returnable unless return postage and a mailer are provided. Each participant whose material is accepted will receive a free copy. With additional copies for sale at a discounted rate. This project is not about turning a profit. Or making money. It is about expression. It is about the uniqueness and importance of freedom of individual expression in a collectively ill represented governmentally controlled society. I would like to release the booklet in a magazine format if the funds are available. I want to present ideas. I would like this to be an opportunity for people groups and or individuals to be able to express themselves. For you to be able to convey your personal feelings about the actions of others around you. About the government about the socio-economical-political-madness that exists all around. About the nature of human ignorance to correct problems. And how legal attempts to rectify problems continue to be useless. And how and why individuals resort to large or small scaled actions of attack. Hopefully this will allow others who comes across the finished product an opportunity to be able to understand your perspective and point of view about this topic.

The appx. release will be an edition of 100-200 copies. That also depends on the amount of interest/submissions. It may increase or decrease if no one responds. You may submit any one or all of the three formats (audio, artwork, writings). However if you submit all three formats and one is accepted this does not necessarily mean that the other two will be accepted as well. Each submission is treated individually. And separately from the other ones. If you feel strongly against this include a statement specifically expressing your reasons why they are all tied together as one. Exceptional submissions may all be accepted. The approximate deadline will be the end of May, that might be left open or extended if there is not a huge initial response. Thank You For Your Interest, Sincerely Michael SPASTIK SONIKS c/o Michael Contreras P.O.Box 411315 San Francisco, CA. 94141-1315