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SPASTIK SONIKS CATALOG Items Available as of JULY 1996

$8 death squad-Automaton/XOME-life quit it, ed. of 100 US/100 Japan A 60 minute split cassette with death squad (atmospheric technicians from san francisco) and urban tactics from tokyo by XOME. This cassette embodies some of the most basic aspects of existence with variations in sounds and themes, phone calls to japanese outcall services and multiple shifts of consciousness makes this an exceptional sound exploration by these two operational units. Limited quantities left.

$10 death squad-Death Boxed normal edition of 50 in box. Sounds released just before the end of the first cycle. Includes photocopies of photographs and items from a south american murder scene installation. Enclosed in a hand painted black textured box. High frequencies eliminate the need to listen to this 15 minute barrage of pre-apocalyptic intention. Also included are writings and observations about the explicit nature of expression when introduced to the hands of death. Extremely limited amounts left.

$30 death squad-Death Boxed, ltd. ed. of Same as above except housed in a green marbled concrete death box. Includes an extra individual cassette as well as hand writings exploring the ideas of conscious thoughts after death. Included are also animal bones and organs. As well as blood. Each box includes an individually numbered and signed original photograph depicting the feelings of isolation. So far two have sold. Exactly Seven are left.

$8 death squad-Sarin normal edition of 100 w/writings A release reflective of the same release of chemicals into the tokyo subway system. This cassette originally came in a metal can w/booklet and a white powder like substance in an edition of 22 this is the normal edition. Which includes writings of sarin and about attacks and acts of faith in following with the nature of man. A sound attack that scrapes and scathes against the soulless being of the non-existing self.

$8 death squad-VX normal edition of 100 in contaminated bag An accompanying/sister piece to the sarin cassette. VX was a second chemical toxin found in the aum shinrikos complex. VX was used to halt ground troops by covering areas with this oily nerve agent substance. Each cassette has an explanation of effects as well as a sample inclosed in a contaminated bag. Leaking pipes and gas are the basis for the audio structures occuring on this magnetic format.

$10 Trucido-Salvation 1993-1996 edition of 50 The release Salvation was originally designated for release in 1992 as part of a split tape with New York's Final Solution however this was never realized. That material later was released on the Trucido cassette 1/4 1/2. The idea of Salvation though still needed to be explored. This release is from that period before the creation of death squad. This cassette presents vocalization sound events that present themselves even today a unique perspective into the ideological warfare of faith/ intervention and salvation.

$20 death squad-Fuck You normal edition of 88 in large textured box Spastik Soniks presents Fuck You a six year 2 hour retrospective of the sounds created by death squad and trucido. 2 sixty minute cassettes are included in this large green textured box. Also included is a 32 page booklet of writings rantings and reports as well as observations from the ongoing apocalypse of mind. This booklet marks the end of the first cycle and the beginning of a second assault. The writings enclosed represent the first published writings of michael contreras. A booklet, guide and manual for individual existence techniques. All sounds are unreleased and have been compiled from over 100 tapes. Sounds for self discovery and public humiliation.

$30 death squad-Fuck You limited edition of 12 Same as above except in different box and included are the following extra items. An extra cassette of unreleased material of varying length + an individual photograph and an object as well as a signed and numbered booklet and 3 passes from all three Live Pain Factory Television shows as well as flyers from these broadcasts. These sounds surely will cause self immolation.

$10 death squad-Death Textures normal edition of 100 Examining theory of expiration. Deprived imaginations seek the comfort of cold hands laying in large vats of coagulating blood. Sounds mirroring the inflection of self. a 15 minute look at the detailed textures along the fertile highways of death. Each cassette hand painted in black textures as well as each individual case. With writings from an immense week long depression and self involved isolation tactics. Paranoia, disgust and non communications/interactions with others were the elements for this cassette. Caustic variations in vibrational sequences.

$10 death squad-Electro Chamber, ed. of 86 in wrapped box A unique package. A single C-15 tape wrapped in 1960's electronic schematics sheets housed inside of a three quarter inch video tape box completely wrapped in paint dipped video tape. Sounds simulating the enclosed reverberating echoes of human slaughtering. Hooking up individuals to mechanisms and devices created to create pain and torture. Behold man must suffer for christ as christ does, mankind must replicate his death. In pain inference and exacting murder techniques we can achieve holy status.

$8 death squad-Masturbation And Murder Video Visual environments meant to explain the subtleties of continuous solo performances. Sounds and streams of minor consciousness looking again towards self. (signed age statement required)

NEW $10 death squad-amnesia/KCID-Michael Jackson Are My Dick! A result of complete opposition. A definite collapsible argument that takes sounds from further than the main. KCID from japan mixes and mixes sounds from all over. And i quote, "Using Instruments: Electronics (Sampler, fuzz electro- percussion), Tapes (MB, Merzbow, WH, EG, DS) TV (porn, war, toons) Radio (same), Guitar, Turntable, Records (same as tapes)." Definitely something to contemplate. A strict edition of 46. KCID contributes yet another original obligatory japanese female degradation image. death squad's amnesia is purely a lapse of self identity. In an isolated thought that tears through partial lobes and demonstrates the ability to control even the deep set chemical addiction. Temporal surgical penetration through the images and actions of loss . Each cassette comes with an individual visual interpretation of memory theft.

ORDERING INFORMATION All items include postage worldwide. Money orders preferred. No checks please. Cash sent at own risk. Insurance extra. Please make payment out to: Michael Contreras, P.O.Box 411315 ,San Francisco, CA. 94141 All questions comments and or threats should also be sent there or to: RADIUM

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