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death squad a periodical yet ongoing projekt of documenting thee apocalypse, through many communicative media forms. Sounds, Images, Writings and thoughts to reactivate the sterile dormant functions of man. In order to attain any and all final goals of complete and total irrecoverable annihilation of consciousness. These are the goals set down by the wreckers of monumental institutionalizations. The predators of time and temporal travel. Speak through the voice of a dead god. We have communicated with the forerunning scouts of doom. Monks in death. Absolving humanity of itself. The information and propaganda is free. As is SALVATION.

Reports by Michael Contreras.

LIVE PERFORMANCE #1 Oakland Ca-Off World Kick Death Squad March 1994 The very first live performance. This was actually a collaborative project between myself and Dan Kandell under the name "Off World Kick Death Squad" a line used to describe the unit Pris was from in Blade Runner. The name announced at the show was chosen by us moments before we played "DEMORAL". It happened in a warehouse in oakland at a birthday party. There were at least 50-100 people present. The event included two television screens running vietnam a television history on them. Items played by myself were an eight track Kerokee with some effects. Dan used a delay with a keyboard and feedback. The entire action lasted approximately 13 minutes. The show was videotaped by unknown individuals as well as ourselves. This show was released on cassette tape in an edition of thirty in Japan only due to a previous obligation. This project was terminated as was interaction shortly after the show. The Picture below is from the cassette that was released entitled "Arc Light" which contained thee entire live performance. I believe cassettes are still available through NEDs in Japan.

LIVE PERFORMANCE # 2 KFJC Live Mic-Foothill College, CA-September 1995 I was invited to play Live on KFJC at Foothill College on a 4 hour weekly radio show called Radio Free Hatred. The invitation was given by Russ Kent aka Mr. Hate. Equipment consisted of 4-5 effects a keyboard and a two track Reel To Reel. Two separate sets were played for a total of about twenty minutes. Audio cassette tapes were given away and a minor assault on the south bay had been accomplished. There is a tremendous feeling that one experiences knowing that a live signal is being broadcast throughout a rather expansive area. A feeling almost of pure intensity knowing that regardless of how many listeners there are that someone some where is listening, while others dial pass. Many thanx to Mr. Hate for the invitation.

LIVE PERFORMANCE # 3 Place Pigalle-San Francisco, CA-November 1st 1995 A spacious cafe/bar/art space was the scene for an evening of sounds collectively titled "All Saints Day". In attendance were "Killer Bug" from Japan, "Seethe" from San Mateo, "Stimbox" from San Francisco and finally Death Squad from San Francisco. This was not one of the best shows, in fact i have to believe that it was a personal disaster. Due to my incredibly diminished emotional state as well as the ingestion of some pain killers i had sunk below the horizon of thought. None of the equipment was working all of the batteries had died and finally the sound was low and people were talking and having conversations that i could hear. At that point i lost it And began screaming as loud as i could complete and total gibberish at an extremely high decibel level. the talking stopped. Across the floor in front of me were poems and essays from which i tried to read, But my vision was clouded by the extreme amount of blood i was pushing through my head. I had broken some small veins in my face and had a reddish looking rash for a couple of days after. Everyone else's performance there was great. Even with a strictly enforced volume level after 10pm that night. I remember Killer Bug saying something sarcastic about the volume level being so low that it reminded him of ambient noise.

LIVE PERFORMANCE #5 Nor Cal Music Festival The Guild Theater-Sacramento, CA-November 1995 This performance was originally called WHITE. However it changed by the time i played. It was part of a two day sound noise festival in Sacramento. I was the second or third one to play. Part of my audio crew included Steven Franks and Trevor Contreras. I was fortunate enough to have a very good video projector available at the show and i made extensive use of it. The set up took less than 10 minutes the audience was prepped with a pre show video depicting various imagery from the japanese subway attacks. The show began with an audience of 20 or less (including my crew) The sound was perfect it was dark and one could feel the image translation in sounds and feelings. My back was to the crowd and i played to the screen . Projected was color footage from concentration camps. Giving skin tone and feeling to the long forgotten dead. No black and white footage of far off removed dehumanized fictitious old people! The audience saw real flesh tones. Which conveys to many that these are real people. The black and white footage does nothing for compassion or evolution. many people reported to me later that they thought it was from Bosnia. It may as well have been. We have become so removed from death unless we see color and blood. They did. The unconscious programming/information feed lasted 7 minutes. I was on the freeway driving home within fifteen minutes after that. Many thanks to EMRL for allowing me the opportunity to play.

LIVE PERFORMANCE #5 Theatre Pooh-Tokyo, Japan-November 1995 The opportunity arose to be able to visit and play in Japan. I was very fortunate. It was an intense journey. Tim Oliveira (Stimbox) and i stayed with Bob & Eriko of XOME. Bob was able to work out a show there for us. And without his expert-like ability with the Japanese language i would have been stuck.It seems that I guess we were lucky to even get one show. The bill for the nights events included: XOME, Stimbox, Killer Bug, Death Squad and another three piece improv group whose name escapes me right now. The Stage was small and so was the club. Almost a spec in the Mega-tropolis called Tokyo. The sound checks went well however due to thee unfortunate nature of luck i had to follow Killer Bug. Definitely a downer. Since he had some sort of hometown advantage. It was rough having to follow him. Especially since Masami Akita (Merzbow) had perched himself in the extreme front row. I did my best. Again my luck was good because in the club they also had a video projector. I had brought along a specially edited tape for that show. Of varying destroyed imagery and messages included "EAT"........."FUCK".........."DIE"....super imposed over fuzzy blue white static. Also shown was an extremely degenerated unsynced version of a video titled "Porcelain Walls Of Hate" High frequencies prevailed. And due to my extreme frustration and lack of control. I began a slow intense breakdown. Maybe it was the whole trip to another country that got to me. Or perhaps in this compact inner city world i had gotten lost inside of myself. Whatever the reason. The performance had gotten to me. I was nearly in tears, definitely zoned out. Taping down one of the keys on the good old SK1... I left. I walked straight out of the club... Noise going, video images rolling. I just left. I could still hear the sounds when i walked down three flights of stairs, even as i walked away halfway down the street i could still hear it. For some reason the noise of the city didn't drone it out until I rounded the corner in a complete daze. About six to ten minutes later i made it back to the club after circling the block. I went back up in the club, and the audience was still there watching it. I walked over and turned it off. Disconnected all the equipment. Went outside and cried. Looking at the flyers i pasted all around outside. "FUCK YOU, DEATH SQUAD @ THEATRE POOH" Extra thanks to Bob and Eriko and Masami Akita, Reiko, Sake Barrah, Tanaka, Kazumoto, SKV, NEDS, and a huge thanks to Toshi and Tim.

LIVE PERFORMANCE #6 City College Of San Francisco, CA-December 1995 A performance for the Mixed Media Photography Class. I was asked by my teacher if i would play for the class. It was on the last day of the semester and finals. I was the last person to show my work. Helping me was Trevor Contreras who showed a 16mm black and white film about corpse fucking and circular killing. The show lasted six minutes. The original idea for this performance linked the film together with live action. The end of the film has one of the main characters who just killed a hitman. leaving the house exiting screen right into darkness and out of the frame while he puts his gun away into his jacket. My idea was to have him walk into the class room seconds after he exits the film. Draw his gun and scan the class with it. At this point i would stop and act surprised and shocked, as the film has ended the leader is slapping against the projector, with the white light coming from the lens. We all stand there in silence. He puts his gun away and leaves. The person who played the killer had second thoughts about this even with a fake gun, something to do with some feelings of morality. The action was semi successful without it. And i was able to expose the students to something new, not dealing directly with the visual image. This was the last performance and most recent event to date. Another performance is being planned for City College dealing with religion and crucifying self through christ visions or maybe not. It will happen in early may.