booklet that comes with cassette tape late 80s or early 90s copyright 232w

[cover] quirks in law. big city orchistra.

[p2] backwards up holburn h i l l. [photo] (robo and das). single tonal source was blowing through an eight foot length of electrical conduit (no electronic effects used). st ub kitty painting - drew dobbs/photo - toby hardman.

[p3] field lane duck. [photo] (robo, nux, gx jupiter-larsen, & das) sixteen tracks of karate drums s p e e d m a n i p u l a t e d (no electronic effects used) photographs of northwest tour - your host bobby

[p4] bluff as bull beef. [photo] (das) six second sample of a cinderblock hitting a concrete floor, pitch shifted fifty octaves (no electronic effects used) music and booklet production:

[p5] roaratorio. [photo] (t-bone & das) ring around the rosy in its original time signature. ubuibi - 120 21st ave, san francisco, ca 94121.

[p6] smithfield bargain. [photo] (robo & das) manipulation of "how to use your tape recorder" (golden crest records cr4001). exclusively released through

[p7] shine on shawn. [photo] (robo & das) true (?) story of drugs in modern american (token pop music). auricular records - 575 haight street san francisco, ca.

[back cover] ruffian scalded the devil [photo] (das) 65,556 tracks of an elephant bell using ub four track mixing process (no electronic effects used). this booklet is #0004

Typed by Barb. 1/15/96