information from j-card typed by jh may 9 1995

cassette type 1

Big City Orchestra

Annual 1986

side 1: master is color blind, taken from parade of idiots cassette, excerpts from mysteries of ub radio show hole in the sky, taken from edge of destruction cassette, excerpt from das/Minoy mix, excerpt from mysteries of ub radio show

side 2: pickhams model, taken from bob hope's fis cassette, pickhams motel taken from gateway of fi cassette first dream, taken from daydreams of night cassette

cast: Cliff Neighbors, Tom Andrews, Drew Dobbs, Ken Reyvision, Rand Weatherwax, Bruce G. Lee, Minoy, Your Host Bobby, Das

cover: Robo

all of the pieces were recorded during 1986 although several will not surface till later.

we would like to thank those labels that have carried our product: Sound of Pig Music, Another Room Public Hearings, Peuleschille Tapes, Subelectric Institute, Artitude/Audiofile, Zeal Severe Systems, Systematic

produced by Ubuibi Santa Cruz Ca.