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Edge of Obscurity Music database: Big City Orchestra, "The Consumer CD"

Artist: Big City Orchestra Title: "The Consumer CD" Genre: Medium: CD Label: Commercial Failure Date added to database: June 28, 1995 Partial track listing: "# 31", "17", "25", "30", "4", "99", "?", "Coke", "Creepy Crawlers", "Devil Dogs", "Eleven", "Enter Tracks By Hand", "Gerber Knows How Babies Grow", "Hello Trees", "Hey Mabel Black Label", "Let It Be Lowenbrau", "Meow Mix", "Mustang 68", "Mustang", "Only Mustang Makes It Happen", "Pennzoil Please", "Pilsbury Says It Best", "Rheingold the Dry Beer", "Schaffer Is the One Beer", "Sometimes I Feel Like a Nut", "Stay Close to Someone", "Thirteen", "To Waste,Squander,", "Track 36...", "Track 8", "Where There's Life There's..", "You've Come a Long Way Baby"

KFJC new album review (June 28, 1995) Wry, r_, adj. wrier, wriest. [O.E. wrigian, to bend, to turn, to incline; akin to wriggle.] Abnormally bent or turned to one side; twisted; distorted; crooked; perverse; warped or distorted, as in subject or meaning; ironically or bitterly humorous; as wry wit.-v.t.-wried or wrying. To twist.-wryly, adv.-wryness, n.

After 90 + releases, these guys never cease to amaze. dAS & Co. deliver 57, count 'em, 57 priceless tracks of commercials, mostly old jingles for familiar products (and some not so familiar) completely re-done in a most splendid fashion. Humorous, ironic and mostly unrecognizable, most tracks require ones full attention before you realize exactly what's going on. This is a monumental piece of work which features guests like G.X.Jupitter-Larsen (Haters), Miss Murgatroid, Brook Hinton, Jim Wilson and Bonnie McNairn (Voice of Eye), Rob, Robo and all your other favorites. And to think; It's only another phase in the work in progress that is B.C.O. INCREDIBLE!

- Mr. Hate