BIG CITY ORCHESTRA flyer date early 90s? 250w

tour dates

august 1st dna, san francisco (with the legendary pink dots) / 5th new max's, eugene / 6th the satyrican, portland / 7th harpo's, victoria (with the legendary pink dots) /8th cruel elephant, vancouver /10th kcmu, seattle & the 911 club, seattle / 11th the 1501 club, seattle/ 14th club o, san francisco / 15th kfjc, los altos

"mit w„rme"

the orchestre's last tonal excursion each evening will be a process piece. continued from show to show, it will have two major components: the live application of sound, combined with the ongoing overlapping or recordings from previous shows.

about big city orkestruh:

over the last 10 years, bco has released will over 60 full length cassettes on many labels, as well as about 250 tracks released on various tape & vinyl compilations, as with all proper orchestras, bco's participants vary with each project. on the road now for the first time, you will meet: robo (long time member & our primary artist) alan herrick (member of nux vomica & owner of s.f.'s auricular records) gustavo pastre (mr waste inc) & dAs (our general conductor & composer).

other members of the orchester have been left at home to work on upcoming projects, such as: "our life in the bush of kate" (a full length release of kate bush covers), "greatest hits & test tones" (our next cd project: physically manipulated carrier waves & more) & "tryst 5" (our almost-annual bag of surprizes, this time with masters of entropy, the haters).

Typed by Cheryl Vega 5-19-95