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It is now legal to contact the Oarkestra directly. UBUIBI 1333 Grove, S.F., CA 94117 Fax 415-285-3518 E-mail

the BCO biography The fist rote of BCO pounded in 1979. The orchestre is very large. Core producers cast the different projects with the most appropriate players.


Eighty plus full length cassette releases on more than fifty labels.

Four volumes have been released of "The BCO Sound Effects Library" on CD with three more volumes nearing release. Each volume also spotlights a particular audio concept.

280+ appearances on compilations of various formats.

One single, "A Childs Garden of Noise," has appeared (and rapidly sold out). Upcoming singles include "The Hi-Fi Stereo Test Record For Pets" and"Grass" (covers of Robert Wyatt/XTC). The first EP, "Salty Sea Shanties For Young Pirates," is nearing release.

live performance

BCO plays live quite sporadically (as all shows are different -usually with different personnel), but still more than 100 live performances have been enacted. Two short tours have been made of the U.S./Canada. Europe has been visited several times for radio shows, live performances, studio sessions and even a lecture. One on-going theme has been Historical Reenactments including work by Kurt Schwitters, Hugo Ball, Alfred Jarry, Luigi Russolo and a fire side telling of Gilgamesh.


Oafistra members have hosted many of their own shows on pUBlic radio for years & years. More then 30 releases from other bands have been spawned from ub radio. Sporadic appearances are still made along with home-produced "radio specials."


Members show tendencies of being difficult collagists, cartoonists, painters and thing makers.


"Tryst" is an annual magazine with art & existential debris in a bag. Coming with a split cassette that BCO has shared with the likes of The Haters, Legendary Pink Dots, Nux Vomica, Voice of Eye, Kingshouse and Crawling with Tarts.


Selected pieces have been shown at festivals worldwide including the AVE festival (the Netherlands), the Warren International Video Festival (which had a special room set up to air BCO videos) and a special nightlong retrospective at the San Francisco Art Institute. Plus video compilations for ND Magazine, Lowlife Magazine, Old Europa Cafe and many others. Two video projects have been released "beatlefist" and "Raw footage." Four different full length releases have been withheld by prospective labels due to their irritating nature. And one project has been deemed "obscene" and distribution prohibited. The next actual release is a collaboration with The Haters based on the theme of "puppets."


Super eight films include "big surf" & "Back Pain." A re-edited version of "Impulse" was performed live along with music, foley and other sound. 20+ UCSC student films with BCO soundtracks have probably been forgotten about by now.

the big city orchestre 1996 mail order catalogue


the grass single Bilge City Oarcrusher's second 7" sprouts from the fertile soil of noise. Packaged in a sod that requires no mowing or watering. It's a cross-pollination of the two songs entitled "GRASS." Our seedlings are stolen from the rich gardens of Robert Wyatt and XTC, then transplanted to BCO's fetid swamp to rot. $5

salty sea shanties for young pirates Aaaarrrrrrrrrghhhh...and it be a good time to let ye know that us old dog buccaneers have been a meeting and decided to raise our gobs tosing ye a shanty or three. Here's yer Eeee-Peeeeeee, a full 10 incher from prow to stern. Aaaarrrrrrrrrghhhh... clump....clump....clumpity....clump... $6

a child's garden of noise (7") (SOLD OUT)

Chotchke Side project with BCO's Robo playing drums and making noise-along with bassooncore band. Damned charming. 3-song 7"..........$3

Comic book & Cassette..........$6

yummy shiny compact discs

the four cassettes of the apokalypse Chapter One of the story of Mr. Uninitiated and St. UB Kitty. Subelectrick released this in 1991 to a wall of non-interest. Now (according to Robo), it sounds better than ever. To the rest of us, it sounds just as good as the day it first came out. Best of all, it still contains the first assortment of the BCO sound effects library. $11

greatest hits and test tones With T-bone JuJu at Mills College taking music courses, BCO manipulates access to the 24-track studio. Spending many overnight sessions with many bewildered guests. All being asked to cover an old 'BCO classic' which they only get to hear twice. Of course more sound effects with some of our favorite loops and a special appearance by the awe inspiring BLINDMAN in living 2-track mono. $12

beatlerape The Staalpplaat edition at last!!! NEW & IMPROVED sound effects, new graphics, and the Silverman. $12

the consumer cd A full length tribute to commercial jingles, advertising logos and product-product-product!!! BCO gives volume back to you, THE CONSUMER, with this 99-track disc. It's the Orkystxxx' biggest hit yet - and no wonder. Hundreds of instruments & performers bring you, THE CONSUMER, the most musical and noisy BCO release yet! And with MORE DAMNED SOUND EFFECTS, of course...$12

UBcoming CDs: Replayer - a progrock theft symphony Generic Sex Soundtrack - yes...yes...ohhh...yeeeeeesssssss!!!


tryst eight the food issue Finely ready, this edition of 200 contains a 32-page magazine and a 60 minute shared cassette of yummy BCO & Voice of Eye. Choke full of things better left out of your mouth.$8

(Contribute to TRYST NINE...all about TIME & SPACE. Send in those broken watches, nine lifes & time travel tales. Write or e-mail for info...ASAP.)

we like noise The turntable mayhem begins on UBradio. This edition of 50 contains a letterset cover, a heavily abused 7" and the 60 minute cassette mixdown. Very few left.$10

we like noise too Part two of the UBradio depostruction completes the package. G.X.Jupitter-Larsen shows up at the station to grind up 78's in an industrial meat tenderizer - leaving BCO with a crate of record chips. We pass these on to you along with a six y minute cassette that is sealed & insulated, before being placed in it's coffin full of vinyl. $6

we like noise threee BCO hands 70 singles to a captive audience to alter. They do & then BCO used them for the live source material. Really painful record abuse!! The package consists of a 60 minute cassette mix, one of the singles, and instructions - all sealed with a kiss of wax. $8

more & more cassettes (((((((((( only $5 each )))))))))) These are multiples from various labels worldwide. There are very few of each. List alternates.

peurly big ciety orkastrew Arc of Infinity..........(Harsh Reality) Headache Remedy..........(Ecto Tapes) Massacre Again..........(Tonspur) Our Life in the Bush of Kate..........(Ecto Tapes) So Much Cleaner Than..........(Divulgo) Recycled..........(RRR) Aime-Morot..........(Harsh Reality) Verstimmt..........(Ecto Tapes) So Much Dancing..........(Old Europa Cafe) Gaeiment..........(Le Reseau) Trail of Destruction..........(SJ Organization) Prattling Box..........(Tragic Figures) Web of Fear..........(SJ Organization) Animal Religion..........(Ralph Records)


BCO & Illusion of Safety..........(Realization) BCO & Eel O. ..........(Ecto Tapes) BCO & The Haters..........(ZNS)


Sick Musings On Sick Music Rogue's Gallery..(Bog Art) Masters of UB..(Sound of Pig) Northern California is a Noisy Place Indeed..........(Sound of Pig)


BEATLEFIST For your safety, packaged in rubber. Two full hours of Beatle mutilation torture. Complete with instructions & disclaimer. VHS & NTSC only. (We hope to arrange a PAL release.)NEW, Regular edition @ a special price..........$10

A PUPPET SHOW collaboration of BCO & the HATERS This sixty minute video performance contains The Haters' 200th live performance, BCO's version of Alfred Jarry's UBU and some confusing puppet vignettes. VHS & NTSC only. (Released on PAL by Fool's Paradise.) $10


od mcUB is cutting up the world's best selling poet. Each hardcover book is unique. Ol' od's thumbs got tired after 50. Most are in the hands of German book dealers but we saved a few for our friends. Approximately 120 confusing pages of precut poetry. $30

so much nearer than UBiquitous Another hand-made pretty that will never see the inside of a record store. Contains the ever historic Gilgamesh soundtrack. Tiny edition of 30. Sixty minute cassette in an odd book shaped case with block printed covers. $10

BCO cornucopia

CD INSERT CARDS ..........$.25 (as in cents) (with almost honest track listings)

Beatlerape, Consumer CD or Greatest Hits


UBPOP REHASH (or Robo's Choice)

FRIDGE MAGNETS..........$.25

(Robo's Choice) STOOPID BLOODY T-SHIRTS..........$9 JUST SAY NOize! Women: Take Back the Noise History of Toast: El Tosto, Hotpoint, 1911 History of Toast: The Breakfast Queen Hostiry el Bobby: The Vegas Yearns (SOLD OUT) All t-shirts are black on white, medium or large, 100% cotton, moth resistant, in yummy Robo art.

ordering information

Many of the products are handmade and/or in very small editions. You should always list alternates. POSTAGE (USA) $1 first item / add $.50 for all others We suggest a check be made out to: UBUIBI 1333 Grove, S.F., CA 94117 Fax 415-285-3518 E-mail


Consumer CD (commercial failure, 2005 mission street #56, s.f., ca 94110) The Four Cassettes of the Apocalypse (the subelecktrick institute, nicasio, ca 94946-0554) beatlerape (realization, 9452 telephone rd. #116, ventura, ca 93004)