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WELCOME TO THE AURICULAR ON-LINE CATALOG Auricular Audio Magazine #12: tear ceremony, freeland, delta sleep inducing peptide, curium, ozone bandits, eric hausmann and screaming popeyes, bx3/tom furgas, spilling static orchestre

Nux Vomica - Systematic Redux an exploration into the process of composer vs. composition. a delicate weave of sound processes and instrumentation walk the listener through the unstable environment of the soul. methodical and haunting. c-60/$6.00

Nux Vomica and Freeland - Burning Starscapes... an ambient soundscape using many sources and odd processes created through a live collaboration between members of Nux Vomica and Freeland. c-60/$6.00

Nux Vomica - Casting a Dream to the Sea released in conjunction with Borft Records in Sweden. This cassette wanders down the paths of dreams and their abandonment as well as the inspiration that can be culled from the seas of the dreamtime. c-60/$6.00

Nux Vomica - Bythos drawing upon the aeons that control the incomprehensible silence a soundtrack of mystery and wonder starts to unfold. this is a philosophical celebration utilizing sound as a teaching tool for the mind and body. released in conjunction with Biotope Arts Organization in Italy. c-60/$6.00

Nux Vomica - The 47th Proposition

Nux Vomica - The Tree of Alchemy

Ultrasound - Before the Kiss a solo project by one of the members of Nux Vomica. this cassette explores the realms of techno, ambient trance, noise, and sound collages. such a wide variety of styles and composition methods that it has to be heard. c-60/$6.00

Big City Orchestre - So Much Better Than ExUBerant recordings culled from sound board mixes of performances in the Auricular Records retail store in. many styles of big city orchestre are represented as a brief three year history unfolds before your ears. special booklet included designed by g.x. jupitter-larsen of the Haters. c-60/$6.00

Big City Orchestre - Quirks in Law a lovely release by these pioneers of the cassette culture. a collection of process pieces with a booklet that contains the sordid photos from their pacific northwest tour and explanations of the processes used for each composition. guest noizicians include members of the haters and nux vomica. c-60/$6.00

Curium - Somnopolis: A Suite of Post Music this suite is a composition of pure beauty with styles ranging from the ambient to the rhythmic. there is no stone left unturned. this is possibly one of the best examples of the "post music" style ever achieved. this cassette serves as a soundtrack to the beauty of the decaying society and the technical future in which we live and strive to survive. c-45/$6.00

Curium - Wintermute this second release by evan sornstein is inspired by the artificial intelligence "wintermute" in the novel neuromancer by william gibson. these sounds and visions serve as a face to face confrontation with the cold and mysterious desires that lay within a culture of machine language. c-60/$6.00

Gilligadi - Fissures in the Faithful a collection of pieces recorded over the course of several years. styles range from ambient experimental to dreary and melodic with a wide range of instrumentation. a very refreshing and intelligent approach including an extremely satisfying cover of a Can piece. c-60/$6.00

Chemical Toybox - Attack! well known for their twisted sound collage methods and looping insanity. this release offers a political statement on the new world order as well as hypnotic drones and cataclysmic fun and games. c-60/$5.00

Sense/Net - The Silver Walks yet another cassette of the compositions and creations of the nine hour performance. many more styles are presented and it is just as marvelous as the first release. c-60/$6.00


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Nux Vomica - Metasomatism

Auricular Audio Magazine #13 (for good luck)


AURICULAR RECORDS Auricular Records is a Trademark of Alan Herrick Alan Herrick and Jenny Liang Herrick have established and maintained Auricular Records

since 1989. Auricular Records is a small independent music label dedicated to preservation and support, as well as distribution, of the works of world wide experimental music artists. Once a small retail store in San Francisco, Auricular was forced to close its doors to the public on New Years Eve of 1993. After a hiatus from releasing new material and a definitive restructuring we are happy to announce that Auricular is back and looking brightly to the future.

The most notable of the Auricular Records projects would be the Auricular Audio Magazine compilations. Its 12 present volumes contain and chronicle musical pieces and the projects of experimental artists worldwide. They have been responsible for several experimental music series and soundart festivals within the Bay Area over the past 6 years. Their projects have included production of performances involving local artists as well as visiting artists from within the US and overseas.

Now that we have manage to regain our wits and financial stability after closing our retail store it is time to put the label back in full swing. Plans for the coming year include the release of our first CD's. The initial title will be a Nux Vomica CD followed by a compilation of many of the experimental music artists we have worked closely with in the past. We will also resurrect the culling of the Auricular Audio Magazines for cassette releases. This is long overdue and we miss them ourselves so if you would like information on submitting your own works for consideration to the Auricular Audio Magazines go to our Seeking Submissions section Seeking Submissions!

Auricular Records is currently seeking submissions from experimental and noize artists for consideration for release on Auricular Records or for inclusion on the Auricular Audio Magazine compilations. Please send all submissions on high bias chrome cassettes and include any artwork information, contact addresses (both electronic and snail mail) pertinent to your project for inclusion in the printed portion of the magazine. All artists whose work is included on any of the cassette issues of Auricular Audio Magazine will receive a free copy of the issue they appear on. We plan to make the Auricular Audio Magazine available via the WWW featuring information and art by the artists involved as well as downloadable sample files of tracks from the cassette release. Keep this in mind and include as much information as you see fit. For more information send inquiries to