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ALLEGORY CHAPEL, LTD. "When Angels Fall" (Charnel Music CHCD-15)

Very, very interesting disc here. Allegory Chapel (Ltd.) takes the texture of noise and uses it to create a more dark ambient, evil feel. The noise here is actually almost purified-sounding, it's very white and lacks the brutality of a Merzbow or Masonna; the brutality here is almost entirely psychological. "Predatory Instincts" has to have some of the creepiest samples i've ever heard... the noise level does ascend into torturous at some points, as on the beautiful "Escalate the Violence." One of the most fascinating things about this disc is the combination of musical instruments into the noise, which can be a quite amazing thing. The organ on the intro, the piano on "Self-Destructive Jealousy...", and the female vocals on "Requiem for Thee Possessed" all help this album stand out as a possible work of genius. [grievous]