ALLEGORY CHAPEL Ltd. catalog excerpts date late 80s early 90s 292w

ACLMX The highly recommended tape label of Allegory Chapel Ltd., exceptionally inventive industrial experimenters from the suburbs north of San Francisco. All recordings are produced, recorded, duplicated and package with care and attention to detail.

ALLEGORY CHAPEL LTD. "Aural Demi-monde" Spacious and sometimes ambient compositions, yet with an uncrowded simplicity of construction which lends a stark feeling. Includes 32 page book of collage art. C-60 $6.00

ALLEGORY CHAPEL LTD. "Confirmation" A multiplicity of approaches, veering from harsh to ambient, rhythmic, and abstract. Collage and electronics are used with great sophistication. 60 min. cass $6.00

ALLEGORY CHAPEL LTD. "Gesthemane Music 1986" Again a wide variety of electronic songs and experimentations. Defies categorization: some pop/rock, destroyed music, noise-collage explorations. 40 minute cassette $6.00

ALLEGORY CHAPEL LTD. "Parables from the Garden of Thorns" A collection of "parables"; again a wide variety of sounds, song structures and concepts. Features collaborations with Big City Orchestra. With 24 page booklet. C-60 $6.00

ALLEGORY CHAPEL LTD. "Satanic Verses" Harsher sounds predominate here, fitting the unforgiving intolerance that is the subject. This was first released in Holland on the Nihilistic label. 60 minute cassette $6.00

ALLEGORY CHAPEL LTD. "A Testament to Man's Oceanic Cruelty" Processed tape collage and electronic sounds displaying ACL's usual depth and richness of texture. Performed live in San Francisco and Berkeley in Sept. 1988, and recorded with care and attention to detail. 60 minute cassette $6.00

ALLEGORY CHAPEL LTD. "Trip" Accurately titled, this one. Sometimes spacey, sometimes noisy, always surprising. Recording of a live performance over KZSC radio, though you wouldn't guess so from the polished quality of it. 60 minute cassette $6.00

Typed by Cheryl Vega 5-20-95