EAR, Volume 6 No. 2, March-April 1978, Co-Editors: Bob Davis & Valerie Samson, Distribution: UBU Inc. 517 Cortland St, San Francisco CA 94110. Typed by Barbara Golden, Nov. 29, 1994


I'm relieved and sorry to have given up Ear. It's been a long, fascinating, tedious, and expensive business, editing and publishing this odd new thing when it first appeared in 1973 and nudging it along (or being nudged by it) over the four active years of publication since.

I am grateful to a number of people, chiefly to Anne Kish who threw down the challenge of the first issue, to Beth Anderson who bravely took it on for nearly two years, to Lou Harrison, Eva Soltes, and the Committee for Arts and Lectures at UC Berkeley for faithful support, and to Charles Remolif, Hugh Cebious and Fikret Youssuf for criticism and contribution over the years. May all, with the continually new Ear, flourish. --Charles Shere

With the foregoing simple statement Charles Shere bids his farewell to the readership of EAR, a readership he built up which will probably refer to "Charles' EAR" for years to come. We on the staff feel the loss of his aid, especially as put together this, our first "solo" issue. He handed over to us a publication with a commendable reputation in New Music circles and tremendous potential. I am sure that readers will see his work and thought gracing our pages in the future and perhaps he will again sit in on our staff meetings, but readers and staff will know that something has changed. Thank you, Charles, for starting EAR; for dedicating yourself and no small part of your income to it; and for nurturing it, even after your interest had started to flag, until people could be found to continue the project. --Bob Davis for the staff of EAR