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1972 M.F.A., Mills College (electronic music and the recording media) 1970 M. Music, University of Illinois at Urbana 1969 Yale University 1968 B. Music (with distinction), Northwestern University


1994-1995 Faculty Research Grant with Professor David Bernstein, Mills College 1993 Barlow Competition, third place winner for DESERTSCAPES 1989-1990 NEA Composer's Grant

1987 NEA Interdisciplinary Arts Grant 1987 Mention, 15th Int'l Electroacoustic Music Competition, Bourges, France, 1987 1983-1985 Artist-in-Residence, EXPLORATORIUM

1983 Mellon Grant (video) 1983-1984 Western States Regional Media Arts Fellowship Grant (video) 1982 2nd prize winner, 3rd Concorso International. "Luigi Russolo" per giovani compositor di Musica Elettro acoustica

1979-1980 National Endowment for the Arts Composer's Grant 1972 Mills Crothers Award for outstanding composer, Mills College 1970-1972 full fellowship and teaching assistantship, Mills College

1969-1970 full fellowship, University of Illinois, renewed for '70-'71 1967- Pi Kappa Lambda honorary fraternity


1993-current Mills College: Seminar in Musical Composition, Performance and Improvisation 1980-current Mills College: Sound Techniques of Recording for Film, Video, Recording Studio and Radio Production

1988-current Intro to Electronic Music 1988, Fall Mills College: Selected Problems in Composition

1982-1983 San Francisco Art Institute: Sound Design 1981, Spring Mills College: Seminar in Electronic Music and Intro to Electronic Music

1972-1974 Mills College: Acoustics and Electronic Instrumentation


1992-current Co-Director, Center for Contemporary Music, Mills College 1990 Marin Arts Council juror 1985 New Music America '86: Advisory panel 1983 Illinois Arts Council: juror, composer awards 1981 Mills College, spring semester: Coordinator for the Center for Contemporary Music


Composers' Forum, BMI, Audio Engineering Society, New Langton Arts, Bay Area Video Coalition, American Music Center, SEAMUS (Society for Electro-Acoustic Music)


Composer, teacher, recording engineer and editor, flutist, filmmaker, photographer, video artist

1983-1994 Production engineer, KSFO/KYA Radio 1981-curr. Recording engineer, producer, editor for Music & Arts, producing contemporary chamber music & historical CD's 1983-1984 Recording engineer and video assistant: Xerox Research Center (PARC) 1972-1981 Recording engineer for the 24-track recording studio, film sound mixer for the film studio, and teacher of Moog, Buchla, and Aries Synthesizers: Center for the Contemporary Music, Mills College


1995 digitally recorded/edited solo concert for CD release, Marilyn Crispell, piano 1995 digitally recorded Bun-Ching Lam's work written for the Abel/Steinberg/Winnant trio, and choreographed by June Watanabe 1995 digitally recorded the Alexander String Quartet for San Francisco Performances for subsequent broadcast series - three 2 1/2 hour programs recorded at three month intervals

1994 digitally recorded/edited/produced Schubert's Winterreise for CD release, Miriam Abramowitsch, soprano, George Barth, fortepiano 1994 digitally recorded Gordon Mumma's Than Particle for CD release, Gordon Mumma, electronics, William Winnant, percussion 1994 digitally recorded/digitally edited Rzewski's To the Earth for CRI CD, William Winnant, percussion

1994 digitally recorded/digitally edited Rzewski's Winnant trio 1994 digitally edited Bach Suites for CD release, Robert Hill, harpsicord 1994 digitally edited Inference, for CD release, Marilyn Crispell, piano and sax duo

1994 digitally edited Hyperion, for CD release, Marilyn Crispell, piano, sax and percussion trio 1994 digitally recorded Bach's Brandenburg Concerto #5 for CD release, Linda Burman-Hall, harpsicord, UCSC 1994 digitally edited Oluyemi Thomas' Positive Knowledge for CD release, sax, bass clarinet, percussion , voice

1993 edited digital recording of jazz saxophonist Julius Hemphill for CD release on the MAP label 1992 recorded, mixed portions of Sheila Davies' What is the Matter with Amy Glennon? radio play, published on the Radius series CD's, What Next? Recordings, Nonsequitur label 1992 edited digital recording of pianist Marilyn Crispell for CD release on the MAP label

1991 edited digital recording of works by Bartok, Prokofiev, Martin, & Barber for CD release on MAP label, Diane Walsh, pianist 1990 edited digital recording of Scriabin sonatas 6-10 for CD release on MAP label, Boris Berman, pianist 1989 edited digital recording of DeBussy Etudes and Faure Fantasies for CD release on MAP label, Jeffrey Swann, pianist

1989 recorded and edited live performance for CD release on MAP label, Marilyn Crispell, pianist 1989 recorded six C. P. E. Bach Sonatas for CD release on Centaur label, Leta Miller, flutist 1989 edited digital recording of Nancarrow, Carter, etc. for CD release on MAP label, Ursula Oppens, pianist, nominated for 1990 GRAMMY AWARD

1989 edited digital recording of Scriabin sonatas 1-5 for CD release on MAP label, Boris Berman, pianist 1988 Produced ANOTHER COAST CD for MAP label, Carl Stone, Paul Dresher, Paul DeMarinis, Laetitia Sonami, Maggi Payne, artists. BEST PICK OF 1988--NEW YORK TIMES 1988 edited digital recording of Bach's Art of Fugue for CD release on MAP label, Robert Hill, harpsicord

1988 edited digital of recording of Mendelssohn cello works for CD release on MAP label, Terry King, artist 1986 produced, recorded, and edited Liszt piano works for CD release on MAP label, Jeffrey Swann, artist 1986 co-produced, recorded, and edited harpsicord works for CD release on MAP label, Igor Kipnis, harpsicordist

1984 technical director of audio & video for Oakland Ballet's production of Les Bitches, Public Broadcast Association 82-84 recording engineer and video assistant, Xerox Research Center (PARC) 1982 audio mixer, Bob Ashley's Atalanta, Cal Arts, Valencia, CA

1982 engineer for M.U.S.I.C. Festival, San Francisco, 3 days, 36 performances 72-81 Center for Contemporary Music at Mills College, recording engineer for the 12-track studio and film sound mixer for the film studio 1981 sound recordist and mixer for video production of Les Noces, Public Broadcast Association

1980 recording engineer for Speaking of Music Series, EXPLORATORIUM, for broadcast on Pacifica Radio Stations 1979 recording engineer for Joseph Celli's album, ORGANIC OBOE, Real Art Ways release 1979 re-recording engineer for portions of Gordon Mumma's album, DRESDEN INTERLEAF, Lovely Music label

1978 engineer for KPIX Television one-hour special on teenage problems 1977 recording engineer, Jackie Humbert and David Rosenboom's album, MY NEW MUSIC 1977 recording engineer for California Arts Council funded video documentation of the San Francisco Mime Troupe and Grassroots Theatre

1976 recording engineer for Robert Ashley's MUSIC WITH ROOTS IN THE AETHER, a fourteen hour video portrait of seven composers and their music--engineered for composers Robert Ashley, David Behrman, Gordon Mumma and Terry Riley) 72-74 recording engineer for composers Gordon Mumma, Christian Wolff, Alvin Lucier, Roger Reynolds and Barbara Kolb for a Ford Foundation grant at the Center for Contemporary Music, Mills College