PAUL DRESHER: Liquid and Stellar Music/This Same Temple (Lovely Music, 325 Spring Street, NYC 10013) Two pieces which explore repetitive processes in an individual, accomplished way. Liquid and Stellar Music, for electric guitar with live tape-delay, is performed by the composer. Rock-like only in places, it sounds more like what Terry Riley & Steve Reich might have done with the electric guitar than what Fripp and Eno have recorded. While losing some of rock's energy, Dresher gains greater musical variety and complexity.

This Same Temple is for two pianos, played here by Nurit Tilles and Edmund Niemann, veterans of Steve Reich's ensemble.) It combines the phase shift technique of Reich's early music with the performer's choice technique of Riley's In C. Warmer and less static than Reich's phase shift music, it strikes me as the sort of thing Reich might have done if he had continued to compose in that style. Both pieces successfully integrate traditional values (like development and large scale form) with a minimalist vocabulary. -Mark Sullivan

Typed by Cheryl Vega 6-12-95