file dated june 14 1995 received from paul dresher oct 16 1995 copyright 214w

NEW AMERICAN LANDSCAPES The Paul Dresher Ensemble Electric Chamber Band (with infinitely variable sonic landscape installation) Available starting Spring 1996

This program presents an unusual integration of both concert music and lobby installation, both of which represent a diverse selection of contemporary American composers whose works reflect the variety of the American landscape. The concert will contain works from composers throughout the US including commissioned works from Alvin Curran, Eve Beglarian, Paul Dresher, Jay Cloidt and John Luther Adams as well as works by John Cage, John Adams, and Robert Erickson and others. All the works will make use of the Ensemble's unique hybrid of electronic and acoustic instrumentation and as a whole will reflect the diverse influences of serious music, popular culture, and the worldwide range of cultures which have influenced the shape of contemporary American music.

The lobby installation will be a multi-channel and multi-speaker playback of sounds recorded, sampled or created by the commissioned composers and used in the process of creating the commissioned works. This infinitely variable sonic landscape installation will run in the lobby both before and after the concert and will reflect the diverse sources which the composers used in creating their own landscapes.