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Audio Installations Paul DeMarinis

Chaotic Jumpropes

Bright vibrating cords and motors comprise a dynamic system that moves between order and chaos. Tracked by computers, these motions are translated into musical sounds, allowing interactive exploration of chaos as sight, sound and touch.

Park Tower Hall, Tokyo Japan March-April 1995 Narodni Technicke Muzeum, Prague November 1994

The Edison Effect

Ancient phonograph records, wax cylinders and holograms are scanned with lasers to produce music at once familiar and distant, like some faintly remembered melody running through the head.

Carl Solway Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio Jan-Mar, 1995 I.S.E.A. Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki August, 1994 Klingende Dinge, Schloss Ottenstein, Austria June - Sept 1994 Teatro Juarez, Guanajuato, Mexico March 1994 Oliver Art Center, Oakland, CA Feb - Mar 1994 Obscure Gallery, Quebec City April 1993 San Francisco Art Inst. Gallery Feb - Mar 1993 Palm Beach C.C. Art Museum, Florida Nov. 1992 - Jan 1993 Threadwaxing Space, New York City Sept - Oct 1992 Sound Culture, Sydney, Australia Oct - Nov 1991 Technorama, Winterthur, Switzerland Sept 1990 - May 1991 C.O.C.A. Seattle, Washington Mar - May 1990 Fuller Gross Gallery, San Francisco July - August 1989 Het Apollohuis, Eindhoven, Netherlands May 1989

An Unsettling Matter

An autobiographical work incorporating family photos, projected panoramic desert landscapes, a small leaden hut, a geiger counter and a radio from which emanate voices telling stories about radioactive contamination spread across the Nevada desert. On the floor is a harmless but noticeable powder which spreads by clinging to visitors and contaminates the environs.

Yellow Springs Institute, Penna July 1992 Ars Electronica Linz, Austria September 1991

Fireflies Alight on the Abacus of Al-Farabi

A 60 foot long music wire with little dancing loops of mono- filament is stretched in a dark room and illumined by an emerald laser beam. The loops dance on the harmonic nodes of the wire, producing flickering points of light and aeolian- harp-like sounds.

Museum City Tenjin, Fukuoka, Japan Sep - Oct 1994 San Francisco Art Institute Gallery Feb - Mar, 1993 Kunstverein Gianozzo, Berlin Mar - Apr 1990 San Jose Museum of Art, California Oct - Dec 1989 Headlands Center for the Arts, Sausalito, Ca. June, 1989

Alien Voices Visitors enter two antique wood and glass telephone booths engage in conversation, hearing the melody of their voices translated into music or changed into whispers, robotic mono- tones or alien melodies.

Electronic Carnival, Lollapalooza Tour July - Sept 1994 Multimediale II, Karlsruhe, Germany June 1991 Technorama, Winterthur, Switzerland Sept 1990 - May 1991 World Financial Center, New York City March - May 1990 The Exploratorium, San Francisco Permanent, 1989 Kanagawa Science Park, Kawasakishi, Japan Permanent, 1989

Voice Creatures

A series of synthetic personalities, including two radio-genies and a sewer-saint who respond to visitors' voices with phrases, moans, and secret codes.

Works Gallery, San Jose, Ca. June 1989 Soundwaves Show at N.Y. City Gallery May-June 1986 Thorpe Intermedia Gallery, Sparkhill, N.Y. July-August 1986

Music Room / Faultless Jamming

A multi-player interactive music system consisting of five touch-sensitive guitars connected to a computer which allows people with no previous musical training to engage in a lively musical dialog.

Museo Interactivo Infantil, Mexico City Permanent since 1992 Technorama, Winterthur, Switzerland Sept 1990 - May 1991 The Boston Childrens Museum Permanent since 1986 Touch the Universe, Winnipeg, Manitoba Permanent since 1985 The Pittsburg Childrens Museum Permanent since 1985 The Ontario Science Centre Permanent since 1984 The Wadsworth Atheneum, Hartford, CT January- March 1984 The Exploratorium, San Francisco Permanent since 1982

Sounds and the Shadows of Sounds

A computer quietly listens to the sounds in the environment for a while, analyses what it hears, then plays the spectral "shadows" of its memories as slowly shifting patterns of filtered white noise.

80 Langton St., San Francsico January - March 1980 Media Studies, Buffalo, NY December- January 1979

The Pygmy Gamelan

Five to ten little electronic circuits respond to electrical fluctuations in the galaxy by improvising around five-note phrases.

P.S. 1, New York April 1980 Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN June 1980 L.A.I.C.A., Los Angeles July-August 1979 Musee Galliera, Paris October 1976 Galerie Shandar, Paris December 1976

Sound Fountain in collaboration with D. Behrman

Touch sensitive sticks make music and move computer generated creatures around a video screen.

The Hudson River Museum, Yonkers, NY March-April 1982 Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago June, 1982