received from Paul DeMarinis on june 12 1995 333w

Recordings Paul DeMarinis

1995 "A Listener's Companion" Het Apollohuis Compact Disc 1991 "Music as a Second Language" Lovely Music Compact Disc 3011 1989 " Mind Power" Tellus Cassette #22 1988 "I Want You" and "Kokole" Music and Arts Compact Disc CD176 1985 "Eenie Meenie Chillie Beenie" and "Yellow Yankee" Tellus Cassette #9 1981 "She's-a-Wild" Record Records RR101 1980 "If God Were Alive ( & He Is ) You Could Reach Him By Telephone" and "Forest Booties" Lovely Music VR106 1979 "Great Masters of Melody" on Blue Gene Tyranny's "Just for the Record" Lovely Music Records


1993 "Essay in Lieu of a Sonata" San Francisco Art Institute exhibition brochure

"The Boy Mechanic - Mechanical Personae in the Works of Jim Pomeroy" In For A Burning World Is Come To Dance Inane ed. Tim Druckery and Nadine Lemmon Critical Press, New York 1993 ISBN 1-883831-00-8

"To Fall Standing" for exhibition brochure for Rebecca Cummins

1991 "An Unsettling Matter" and "Mechanization Takes Command: Verses from Giedion's Bible" Ars Electronica 1991 catalog ISBN3-85329-907-5

1979 "The Music of David Behrman" unpublished monograph for "Music with Roots in the Aether" ed. Robert Ashley

1975 "The Pygmy Gamelan" score and circuit, Asterisk Magazine, Ann Arbor, Mich.

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