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Chronology of WARNER JEPSON Codes: categories of original work: m =music, e=electronic Buchla music or music concrete, s=songs a=art p=photography v=video

production: T=theatre, F=film, C=concert, D=dance, E=exhibit, V=television

Fm Filmscore, Vm=Videoscore, where Fe or Ve =music is electronic

Dm or De =dance,

Cm or Ce =concert

Ts =Theatre songs; Tm or Te =incidental music/electronic

Ee=Exhibit or Environment of electronic music;

Ep =photography; Ea =art

Oe =Openings and parties with electronic music

V =Videoart

A =award

1930 born Sioux City, Iowa March 24

1933 ride in car from Sioux City, IA to Bethlehem, PA 1935 begin piano lessons, give first public piano performance year later 1942 start improvising and composing 1944 begin lessons with Julliard graduate, she'd studied with Mrs. Lehvinne 1946 April ? dad dies suddenly; work in record store, given charge of running a listening/visiting room for teenagers; put in charge of the jukebox at teenage YMCA 1947 play "Engulfed Cathedral" on the radio

1948 entered Oberlin Conservatory of Music Harvard rejected me, so, with older sister, Jean, in July took bus to Ohio to apply. As mom had sold home I remained on campus 365 days for 5 years. Not qualified to be composition maj., started as piano maj. and harp min; later changed min. to harpsichord. As sophomore passed test to start composition, but teacher and I gave up after a few months. In junior year became composition maj.; late start meant staying an extra year and summer school.

1952 European Seminar tour from England to Egypt, led by Dr. Louis Lord, head of the American School in Athens, with other professors. 1953 graduate in August; apply to U. of Southern California masters program to study movie scoring; drive to San Francisco, arrive Sep 7 Labor Day midafternoon a few days later receive letter of acceptance from U.S.C. but, while packing, change mind; decide to stay in S.F!?@%#$....

1958 "The Branch" for Ann Halprin \De

1960 "Rites of Women" (J. Broughton, A. Halprin) SFPlayhouse \Tmes; first two songs performed; used some loops of music concrete made at Ann's for her dances; these led to Helen Adams' approval of me to compose "San Francisco's Burning".

1961 Welland Lathrop Dance Co. performance, "Music to part two: improvised by Warner Jepson "If You Look Down There You'll See It" construction in SFMOMA sculpture annual \Ma "San Francisco's Burning" (H. Adam) SFPlayhouse 61/Dec-62/Jun \Ts 60 songs

1963 "Brouhaha" musical review SFPlayhouse \Ts "The Four Legged Stool" photographic exhibit of Halprin dance co. SFMOMA \p

1964 "Saddle the Unicorn" (D. Dunn) SFPlayhouse \Ts "Best Plays of '64" for Saddle the Unicorn \A

1965 New Music By Robert Erickson, premier of "Piece for Bells and Toy Pianos" performed by Warner Jepson, toy pianos filmscore for Bausch & Laumb, industrial film \Fm

1966 "Excursion" woodwind trio SF Spaghetti Factory \Cm concert of electronic pieces SFTape Music Center \Ce "Terrain" electronic tape SFConservatory of Music \Cm "Rough Ground" brass, piano, percussion Conservatory of Music \Cm publicity film City College of San Mateo \Fm shared last concert for SF Tape Center at 321 Divisidero 1 ? 2 Twelve Day Raga 3 Joy Journey 4 Dear Pete

1967 "Totentanz" (C. Carvajal) San Francisco Ballet Co. SFOpera House \De "Joy Journey" electronic piece SFMills College \Ce art opening Berkeley Gallery \Ee "Vive Tejida" filmscore (L. Grundberg) \Fm

1968 "The Awakening" (C. Carvajal) Dance Spectrum 4track tape \De "The Bed" filmscore (J. Broughton) \Fme Fashion Show Oscar de la Renta Saks, SFArt Institute \Oe \Fm art openings at SFde Young, Santa Barbara Museum, Berkeley Gallery \Ee

1969 "The Devil's Disciple" A.C.T. Geary Theatre \Tm "Tulliam" music during exhibit (D. Watson) Hanson-Fuller Gallery \Ee "Peace" flute and tape commissioned by O. James SFCons. of Music \Cme Berkeley Gallery Opening [Wintersteen's Gallery] \Oe "Invisible Art" exhibit (T. Marioni) Richmond Art Center \Ee "The Moon Walk" party at designer showroom to watch walk on moon \Oe "Dedication Ball" program director SF Art Institute, music \Oe "Alice in Wonderland" A.C.T. \Te "The Machine" opening SFMOMA \Oe "Placidity" music during exhibit (L. Bell, W. Irwin) SFMOMA \Ee "Christmas Party" electronic carols SFMOMA \Oe (hired Bill Irwin, clown)

1970 "Peace" used for a dance by C. Carvajal \Dme "Ascent" filmscore KQED \Fme "Gold" feature filmscore \Fme "The Eighties" exhibit UC Berkeley construction with music \Eae "A Plastic Presence" opening (Phillip Morris) SFMOMA \Ee "Bloodknot" A.C.T. Geary Theatre \Tm \Te

1971 award American Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for "Ski Touring" \A "Totentanz" revived at Grace Cathedral \De "The Shell" filmscore \Fe "Ski Touring" filmscore KQED \Fe "Plastique Picnique" party w/ music SFMOMA \Oe "Vis a Vis" happening w/ music (P. Maccan's busts) S.E.C.A. Belgian Consulate opening for Marie Renk's SFde Young Museum \O "Luminous Procuress" feature filmscore (Steven Arnold)), premier SFFilm Festival \Fme "Centennial Ball" program director SFArtInstitute \Oe "The Relapse" A.C.T. Geary Theatre, 17th c. style, live (harps.fl.ob.ce.) \Tm

1972 "N. R. A." tape collage for SF Ballet, SFOpera House \De "Totentanz" revived at Grace Cathedral \De "Video Synthesis" (S. Beck) NCET-KQED \Ve "Irving Bridge" score (W. Gwin) 48" NCET-KQED \Ve "Illuminated Music" score (S. Beck) NCET-KQED \Ve "Homage a Mattisse" score (W. Rosenquist) NCET-KQED \Ve

1973 "N. R. A." revived by Ballet West, Utah \D "Duet Improvisations" N.E.A. Wash.D.C., Harvard, Brooklyn Academy of Music, Southern Methodist U. Dallas, TX, U.C. Berkeley; NCET-KQED S. Beck and I \Ve "The Dome" (R. Meyer) environment LiveOakPark Gallery Berkeley \Oe "See is Never All the Way Up" score (W. Roarty) PBS NCET-KQED \Ve "Lostine" score (W. Rosenquist) PBS NCET-KQED \Ve "Point Lobos" score (W. Gwin) PBS NCET-KQED \Ve "Star Walk" elec. tape for group exhibit \Ee "Illuminated Music" "Lostine" "Point Lobos" "See is Never All the Way Up" shown on Public Broadcast Television Annual Convention Am. Inst. of Architects UC Berkeley Museum \Oe

1974 Emmy for "Lostine" (W. Rosenquist, W. Roarty,) PBS KQED \Vm "Totentanz" revived at Grace Cathedral \De "The Dome" revived w/ additional music (R. Meyer) SFMOMA \Ee "Sound Images" Both-Up Gallery Berkeley one man show of music and constructions \Eea "Totentanz" revived at Grace Cathedral \De "Videola" (D. Hallock) NCET-KQED at SFMOMA \Ve "Sidewinder" (Sam Shepherd) U.C.Berkeley \Tse "N. R. A." revived by Ballet West, Utah \D

1975 "N.R.A." revived SFBallet \D N.E.A. grant for audio/video experiments "Prelude" small piano piece \M "Exchange Show" audio/video tapes Dallas/Fort Worth museum \Ve

1976 "Exchange Show" SF Museum of Modern Art \Ve "N.R.A." SFBallet revised for Marge Champion \D "Totentanz" revived at Grace Cathedral \De

1977 "Rites of Women" (J.Broughton) revived with additional songs \Tm "Lord of a Single Lizard" (D. Dunn) \Ts unproduced separate from wife, Andrea, begin taking care of 2 children, Kiira 12, Matt 10, alternately with her

1978 "Americans in the California Dream" filmscore (G. Bell) KQED \Fm "Totentanz" revived at Grace Cathedral \De "Those Daring Young Film makers by the Golden Gate" filmscore (G. Bell) \Fm "A Richness of Embarrassments" \Tm

1979 "Humpty D!" (P. Horan) unproduced \Ts "Peace" for flute performed at CAMI in N.Y.C.

1980 Gershwin medley arranged for SFGay Men's Chorus "Totentanz" revived at Palace of Fine Arts

1981 Music Director for "A Little Night Music" (Sondheim) Ross Valley Players, Marin Civic Center Showcase Theatre "The Wiz" medley arranged for SF Gay Men's Chorus "Heroic Images" CommunityMusicCenter art songs \Ts musical director "San Francisco Can You Bear It?" C.E.T.A. Youth Project YMCA

1982 "Totentanz" revived at Grace Cathedral \De

1983 accompanied violinist on Royal Viking "STAR" 2 months HK, China, Korea, Japan

1985 began 3 years with the Lehman Engle Musical Theatre Workshop, Los Angeles songs and music for "The Money Tree" \Tm

1989 winner photo competition North Beach Chamber of Commerce

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Awards 1964 "Best Plays of '64" for Saddle the Unicorn 1974 Emmy for "Lostine" (W. Rosenquist, W. Roarty,) KQED Vm 1975 grant from National Endowment of the Arts to work in videoart 1973 award American Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for "Ski Touring"

Education 1942-1945 Nitschmann Junior High 1943-1945 night classes in typing and Gregg shorthand 1945-1948 Liberty High 1948-1953 Oberlin Conservatory, Major in Composition, minor in harpsichord 1953 accepted into University of Southern California Graduate program 1953-1964 accompanied in various schools of modern dance 1962-1964 studied with Robert Erickson 1963 worked with Harry Partch before he went to U. of So. Ill.

Employment 1953-1965 modern dance accompanist at Halprin-Lathrop Dance School, SFCity and State colleges 1963-1967 teacher of piano, composition, theory, musicianship, SFConservatory 1970-1974 head of theory department Family Light Musics School Sausalito 1965-1980 taught piano privately 1972-1975 composer in residence National Center for Experiments in Television KQED

Served 1972-1977 activities committee of SFMOMA 1973-1975 board of directors SF Community Music Center 1978 Young Audiences of America

Hobbies photography, weaving, needlepoint, gardening, writing