resume supplied by Jan Pusina feb 1995 907w


935 Yuba St. Richmond, CA 94805 510-235-5517

Occupations: composer accelerator operator at the Advanced Light Source, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory

b. aug 5, 1940

Education A.B.: U.C.Berkeley, music, 1964. M.A.: U.C.Berkeley, composition, 1969. Studied with William Denny, Joaquin Nin-Culmell and Jean-Claude Eloy.

taught at U.C.Davis: class on "Electronic Music", 1974-1978.

COMPOSITIONS -- live pieces:

1968 Four Songs on Zen Texts : soprano and piano.

1969 KAMA : collaboration with Javier Castillo: three percussionists, piano solo, tape delay, dancers and projections.

Divergence : (master's thesis) 2 violins, trumpet, trombone, electric guitar and electric organ.

1970 Near and Far in the Mountains : 16 singers, 4 horns, piano, organ and 2-tape-machine delay.

Aurora Boreales : wineglasses for five players, quadrophonic broadcast with KPFA and KQED-FM.

1973 Sum Tones/Difference Tones : flute, sine tone generator and ring modulator at Music at The Exploratorium, San Francisco, Ca.

1974 Recycled Radio : for the Bay Area Synthesizer Ensemble broadcast, KPFA.

Soundspace : sine tone generators, ring modulators, microphonists and feedback.

Feeling the State : 24 hour dance marathon by Margaret Fisher with electronic music.

1975 Stimulated Emission and Feedback : lasers and Buchla system. Timbers (1975): organ and tape.

Decay and Least Quantum of Action : percussion, voltage-controlled oscillators and ring modulators.

Sound City : radios, phonographs and 60-cycle hum in 20 loudspeakers.

1976 Nude Music Day at U.C.Davis : electronic improvisation.

Celestial Shoes of Gold : text-sound.

Feedback Variations : performance/installation using pickups, transducers, custom synthesizer, and suspended objects in nested feedback loops, at 80 Langton gallery, San Francisco, Ca.

Evoked Images : fl dbling picc, sop sax dbling ten sax, horn, BBb tuba, vn, pno, hp, audio tapes - seven instruments gating tapes, for the New Music Ensemble of the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, performed at with John Adams on electronics, at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

1977 Six or Seven Dances for Two Cellos : tapes triggering instruments, for the East Bay New Music Ensemble.

July Interludes : media theater, with Paul Robinson, performed at 1750 Arch, Berkeley, Ca.

A Farewell to Alms : media theater, with Paul Robinson, performed at The Kitchen, New York.

Matrix 2 : flute, alto sax, violin and electronics; instruments triggering electronic events, performed at U.C.Davis as part of Festival of Live Electronic Music and Music Theater.

1978 Gel : retrospective collage of live and taped works with Nexus Dance Collective, performed at U.C.Davis.

Pastiche - a Satire on Form : 2 sopranos, mezzo, fl, cl, trp, pno, vn, cel, bass and tape, performed by the East Bay New Music Ensemble, Saint John's Presbyterian Church, Berkeley.

Performance Piece 1 : two mimes (inter)acting with slides and amplified sound, with Rich Gold and ****, Upstairs Gallery, Oakland.

1979 Performance Piece 2 : trombone and tuba solo improvising with slides and tape, Ron Heglin, brass.

1980 Assemblage (1970): orchestra, performed by the Prometheus Orchestra for composer's workshop.

1982 Music for Winds (1982): fl, ob, 2 cls, bn, 2 hns, trp, trb, tba (unperformed).

1983 Magnetic Coils (1983): computer generated signals through amplified shopping cart, performed with John Bischoff ("Audio Wave") at Squidd's Ink, San Francisco.

1984 She Was Beautiful and Wicked : mixed chorus and piano, for the San Francisco Civic Chorale, performed at **** Church, ****.

1986 Oleoami : voltage-controlled projections on dancers/actors and tape music, with Domenic and Susan Alleluia, performed at The Lab, San Francisco.

1988 Computer Music System : at The Center for Human Growth, Berkeley, Ca.

1989 Setups - lightsoundtext : 8 bit computer music with custom MIDI interface,

PC computer text generation read by A.J.Gnazzo, and 11 slide projectors in an island arrangement by Thomas Pico, performed at the New Performance Gallery, San Francisco.

1991 Text : computer-generated poetry. Performed as improvisation with Carter Scholz and Fifth Coast at the Mendocino Art Center and Bolinas Community Center (1991),

Drumming : percussive triggers and computer responses.

Cosmic Ray Factory : algorithmic computer music. performed at Mills College Center for Contemporary Music, "Songlines" series (October, 1993)

1992 Sculptures Sonores : computer music (Mills, 1993).

Monotone : algo(rythmic) computer music using system exclusive essages (Mills, 1993).

Piano Three Hands : computer music with interactive keyboard instrument, on a tuning of Michael Harrison. Performed with Helen Dannenburg and Dancers in "Reflection in the Shadow of Bernal Hill at Menorah Park retirement center, San Francisco; and Mills, 1993.


Composition for Tape #1, 4 channels 1972

Composition for Tape #2, 2 channels 1973

Day Music, 2 channels 1969

5/31/74-1 and -2, 2 channels 1974

Study in Long Envelopes (Timbres), 4 channels 1975

Heavy Bridge Construction, 2 and 4 channel versions 1976

Nausikaa, 2 channels 1978

Mixes 1-14, 2 channels 1981

EVENTS: coordinated performance of new tape works by Bay Area composers, Cat's Paw Palace of Performing Arts (1977).

coordinated Festival of Electronic Music and Music Theater, U.C.Davis (1977).

collaborated with Magaret Fischer in "Feeling the State" at Cat's Paw Palace of Performing Arts (1973).

Nude Music Day : created an outdoor concert of works with electronic music students at U.C.Davis (1977).

conducted and performed in "Serenade" by Heinrich Bredemeyer, with the East Bay New Music Ensemble. (1975).

organized performance of John Cage's Variations VI at The Exploratorium (1973).

organized performance of John Cage's Variations IV at U.C.Davis (1975).


The Exploratorium, San Francisco, Ca. : commissioned exhibit builder, performer and instructor (1973,1974). Exhibits built: Multiplied Glockenspiel, Harmonic Series Wheel, Violin Attack, Pentachord.

Fifth Coast, computer performance group (1991)

Just Intonation Network, San Francisco, Ca.: archivist (1990-present)