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Harrison, Lou - compositions

"Sanctus: for Contralto with Orkestra Orchestra," 1940.

"Six Sonatas for Cambalo or Pianoforte," 1943.

"Alleluia for Orchesta," 1948.

"Suite No. 2 for String Orchestra," 1949.

"Fragment from Calamus for Baritone and Piano," 1950.

"Ballets, Selections," 1951.

"Serenade for Guitar," 1952.

"Suite or Violocello and Harp," 1954.

"Variations, Scherzo & Fugue on a Theme by ...," 1959.

"Avalokiteshvara," 1960.

"Beverly's Troubad our Piece," 1960.

"Canticle No. 3," 1960.

"From Music for Bill and Me: for Harp," 1960.

"Concerto for Violin with Percussion Orchestra," 1961.

"Trio for Violin, Viola and Violocello," 1961.

"Alam redemptoris mater: for Tack Piano," 1962.

"Fugue for Percussion," 1962.

"The Song of Queztecoatl," 1962.

"A Joyous Procession and a Solemn Precession," 1963.

"First Concerto for Flute and Percussion," 1964.

"Suite for Piano," 1964.

"Canticle No. 1," 1965.

"Air, From the Opera Rapunzel for Voice," 1966.

"Suite," 1969.

"Complete Sketches for Concerto for Organ," 1973.

"Mass (To Saint Anthony): for Male and Female," 1974.

"Elegaic Symphny," 1975.

"Praise for the Beauty of Humming Birds," 1975.

"Symphony on G," 1975.

"At The Tomb of Charles Ives, for Small Orchestra," 1978.

"Concerto in Slendro: Violin Solo, Celesta," 1978.

"Suite for Violin with American Gamelan," 1979.

"String Quartet Set," 1980.

"Serenade for Guitar: With Optional Percussion," 1981.

"Third Symphny," 1982.

"Varied Trio," 1986.

"Ariadne: for Flute and Percussion: Aptos," 1987.

"A Summerfield Set: for Piano and Harpsichord," 1988.

"Music for Gamelan and Western Instruments," 1989.

"Six Sonatas for Cambalo or Pianoforte," 1990.