IN CELEBRATION OF GOLDEN RAIN, Liner Notes from Album cover: CAMBRIDGE CRS 2560, Cambridge Records, 125 Irving Street, Framingham, MA 01701. 1977. Typed by Barb. Golden 4/10/95 215w

describing a concert given at Hertz Hall UC Berkeley celebrating the installation of the new pipe organ

From the Oakland Tribune, August 25, 1977:

"The concert centered on Richard Felciano's new 'In Celebration of Golden Rain', commissioned by University organist Lawrence Moe for himself and the magnificent Javanese gamelan lent by Samuel Scripps to the University. The new piece continues Felciano's recent preoccupation with suspended time sense and with the endless vistas of beauty contained within the tiny spaces of small, adjacent sounds.

"The music comes close to suspending all formula, all compositional technique. Objective, freed of human egos, it has a hypnotic quality but is not 'stoned': it's abstract, like the weather. The piece begins with the opposition of organ and gamelan, the former sprinkling thrusting gestures of notes among the serene bells and gongs of the gamelan; gradually the two forces are brought into a common world, and by the end a long repetitive figure in the gamelan pulls the organ along, setting the scene for the lengthy rhythmic close.

"the piece is 20 minutes long but ends refreshed."... -from article by Charles Shere.