downloaded from the web on sept 10 1996 Rykodisc Catalog 193w

Music To Be Born By Mickey Hart

A valuable tool for that most important of events, this album provides a soothing, rhythmic soundscape for the birthing environment and beyond. Originally created for the birth of Mickey Hart's son Taro in 1983, this 70-minute soundscape was intended to transform the coldness of a hospital delivery room into a warm, rhythmic environment which would aid concentration and breathing and shut out external noise during the process of labor and birthing.

Hart recorded Taro's heartbeat in utero, then overdubbed that organic rhythm with subtle bass harmonics, drums, and wooden shakuhachi flute in a simple musical pattern repeated with slight variations throughout the recording. Hart and his wife found it greatly calming during Taro's delivery, and friends began to request it for the deliveries of their own children. Consequently, Hart decided to release the recording on CD as well as cassette for the general public, as an idiosyncratic title in THE WORLD series.

Featured Musicians: Mickey Hart, Taro Hart, Bobby Vega. Instruments: Heartbeat, Wooden Flute, Surdo, Bass Guitar.