sevenear Editor: B. Anderson & Charles Shere Oakland, California, 1973

that which transforms things and fits them together is called change:

in Charles Amirkhanian's new "seat belt" some things are transformed subtly and some things are transformed abruptly: those things transformed abruptly give the impression of hearing the seams of the procedure__abruptly fitting things together...

that which stimulates things and sets them in motion is called continuity:

action is stimulated through the repetition__male and female voices__of various "text-sounds": seatbelt tseat bel tseatbel tseatbelt seat belt; quack quack quackquack quack...motion is unimpeded at moments of subtle transformation; impeded at moments of abrupt change (three).

that which raises things up and sets them forth before all people on earth is called the field of action:

immediately: 1750 arch, audience seated in chairs (uncomfortable) auditioning a clear, well-engineered quadraphonic tape.

extendedly: kpfa radio reaching as far as it does to an audience in a complex state of relation to a, in most cases, non-quadraphonic, not-so-clear sound source (system?).

for the option of adjusting the volume, of turning it on or off, of leaving the room or walking around: stay at home, listen to your radio and save your monday...

1750 arch street/kpfa radio, august 8, 1973, 8:30 pm and after: text sound compositions and music by charles amirkhanian, tony gnazzo, and jim rosenberg. --jack briece