Slonimsky, Nicolas, A Life Story, Oxford University Press, Inc., 200 Madison Avenue, New York New York 10016, Copyright 1988 Nicolas Slonimsky. excerpts Typed by Barb. Golden, November 20 1994.

Charles Amirkhanian is the inventor of a new musical form which calls 'text-sound'. In one of these works he 'canonized' me, in a manner of speaking, by making a canon out of a fragment from one of my lecture in San Francisco; in the recording I sound like a demented dervish, whirling around verbally and periodically returning to the original vocable.

Much more embarrassing was a recording Amirkhanian surreptitiously made of my rather loose dinner talk at the home of Mrs. George Antheil, widow of the composer. I was in a talkative mood (my normal state), saying outrageous things about mutual friends and acquaintances, with a generous admixture of assorted sexual gossip. I was horrified to learn that Amirkhanian aired the tape over his Berkeley radio station KPFA, under the beguiling title, 'Nicolas Slonimsky Eats Dinner'. It traversed several courses, from soup to nuts, punctuated by my uninhibited comments. I was told the programme was repeated by popular demand, but I never dared to tune in. p.247