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10 + 2: 12 American Text-Sound Pieces The first major recorded anthology of American sound poetry, edited by Charles Amirkhanian for 1750 Arch Records and released originally in 1974. Works by Clark Coolidge, John Cage, John Giorno, Anthony Gnazzo, Charles Dodge, Robert Ashley, Beth Anderson, Liam O'Gallagher, Aram Saroyan and Amirkhanian. Very rare collector's item. Includes extensive notes enclosed in four-page booklet. Item number CA-R-1; LP $20.00

Charles Amirkhanian: Lexical Music contains text-sound compositions produced between 1973 and 1977 including the "Bolero" of American sound poetry, Dutiful Ducks. Also found in this collection are Mugic, Seatbelt Seatbelt, Muchrooms, Mahogany Ballpark, She She and She, produced for the 100th birthday of Gertrude Stein. Includes glossy four-page booklet with photographs, scores, etc. Originally released on 1750 Arch Records in 1980. Item number CA-R-2; LP $34

Charles Amirkhanian: Pas de Voix This CD release from Perspectives of New Music, the biennial journal, features the radio composition Pas de Voix in which Amirkhanian creates an aural portrait of the late Samuel Beckett. Unable to locate voice tapes of the author for use in the making of the piece, Amirkhanian recorded the lobby of Beckett's apartment building, his Metro stop, and other environmental sounds of Paris where the author spent most of his life. The CD also contains works by Milton Babbitt, Richard Swift and Randy Hostetler. Item number CA-CD-1; CD $20

Charles Amirkhanian has been a leading proponent of text-sound composition in the United States. Most of his works are electroacoustic. In a radical departure from his earlier, more spare and minimal style, his recent works typically incorporate ambient and found sounds manipulated via Synclavier. Since 1969 he has served as Music Director of KPFA FM in Berkeley and in 1988 he co-founded the annual summer Composer-to- Composer summit conference on new music, sponsored by the Telluride Institute in Colorado.

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