downloaded from ND magazine website on may 28 1995 excerpts from as of spring 1994 reviews file 979w

Robair Gino Other Destinations [Rastascan Records] (CD, 57 min) This came out quite a while ago, but well worth mentioning it. This work was recorded between October 1988 and May 1989 at the Center for Contemporary Music in Oakland. Very wonderful dramatic listening which draws one in a spell of listening. Some really incredible work with a determined focus and delightful as well. A mixture of electronics, percussion, processing and more. Beautiful package. Recommended. (DP)

Splatter Trio Anagrams [Rastascan] (CD, 64 min) Superb trio featuring Gino Robair, Myles Boisen, and Dave Barrett who take a long drag of the free/jazz improv cig and then let loose in a brilliantly focused fashion. The group is closer to the EuroSchl with constant pace changes, intermixed tempos, amd very little in long winded solos. Extrememly sophisticated and greatly underknown. (RF)

(Y)earbook Vol. #1, #2 , #3 [Rastascan] (CDs) Compiled by Gino Robair, the Yearbook compilations focus on improvisational artists around the world with the premise that improv is a method not a style. This opens the door for a whole world of diverse sounding groups and individuals who might walk under the improv umbrella to avoid the rain of convention. And so it follows that with as much care Robair puts into his music, he also puts into these collections. Fascinating and diverse musics (by people you know and dont know) with excellent liner notes and details on each piece. Everything from this label has been top notch and these comps are a great place to start investigating. (RF)