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Rastascan Records, PO Box 3073, San Leandro, CA 94578-3073.

Formed in 1987 by the percussionist Gino Robair, the first two vinyl releases featured him in duets with Anthony Braxton and other releases have included his group, Splatter trio, among others virtually unknown in Europe (and possibly in the US too!). The label lists over 20 recordings.

Rastascan: list of recordings

* BRD 001 [Now out of print] Gino Robair/Anthony Braxton/Aric Rubin She left me for a she * BRD 002 Gino Robair/Anthony Braxton Duets 1987 * BRD 003 Splatter Trio * BRD 004 Gino Robair Other destinations * BRD 005 Potato Eaters * BRD 006 Anything Goes Orchestra Bought fruit/got meat * BRD 007 Splatter Trio Anagrams * BRD 008 Various artists (Y)earbook volume I * BRD 009 Various artists (Y)earbook volume II * BRD 010 Various artists (Y)earbook volume III * BRD 011 Debris Terre haute * BRD 012 Randy McKean So dig this big crux * BRD 013 Club Foot Orchestra Wild beasts, kidnapped and more * BRD 014 Pluto Shoe horse emerging * BRD 015 Peter Br_tzmann/Gregg Bendian/William Parker Sacred scrape/secret response * BRD 016 Hans Reichel Lower Lurum * BRD 017 Myles Boysen Guitarspeak * BRD 019 Evan Parker/Barry Guy/Paul Lytton Breaths and heartbeats * BRD S1 (7") Potato eaters Dog eared (but forgotten)/My world * BRD S3 Club Foot Orchestra Buster Keaton's Sherlock Jr. * Racer 1003 Splatter 3+2 Fistful of Dewey

Planned release: * Various artists in tribute to Sun Ra Wavelength infinity

Rastascan Records BRD 010 (Y)earbook volume 3


Pluto [Ralph Carney, tenor saxophone, clarinet, trumpet, percussion, shenai; Steve Clarke, trumpet, guitar; Len Paterson, guitar, zither, tapes; Ellen Schoenwetter, bass; David Slusser, soprano and baritone saxophone, piccolo, mizwij, electronics; Marc Weinstein, drums; Myles Boisen, guitar]: The Pledge (04.08); recorded live in concert 17 August 1990 during the Accidental Dialects Concert at Koncepts Cultural Gallery, Oakland, CA.

Amy Denio, voice: Traffic island psycho (02.41); Recorded live in Spoot Studios in spring 1991.

Davey Williams, electric Steinberger guitar; LaDonna Smith, viola: Secrets and mirrors; recorded Alabama, October 1991.

Marty Walker, bass clarinet: For L.K. (03.28); recorded at Unlimited Groove, Los Angeles in fall 1991.

Crawling with Tarts [Suzanne Dycus and Michael Gendreau, motors, shortwave, etc]: Motors V.3E (04.18); recorded at CCM, Oakland.

IDLH [David Caldwell, saxophones; Andy Rehfeldt, drums; Dave Tohir, backbone; Scott Vance, rastabass]: LC50 (04.22); recorded 1 January 1990 at SRO Studios, Fontana,CA.

Ed Hermann, Serge analog modular system; Andrew Voigt, alto saxophone: Shift in flight (04.54); recorded November 1991.

Tom Nunn, bugbelly T-Rodimba: T-Rodanza (06.47); recorded 13 February 1990.

Tamio Shiraishi, saxophone, piano, tape: Untitled (01.54); recorded 26 October 1990 at Good Man in Ogi Kubu, Tokyo.

Tokyo '77 [George Budd, turntables, synthesizers, percussion; Rick Cox, prepared electric guitar, alto sax; Thomas Newman, violin; Chas Smith, pedal steel guitar]: Reishi (06.22).

Debris [Arthor, guitar; Matt Turner, cello; Keith Hedger, cornet; Steve Norton, baritone saxophone; Curt Newton, percussion; Andrew D'Angelo, alto saxophone]: Big chocolate cake (03.11); recorded at Pete's Basement Studio, Westwood, MA on 27 October 1991.

Hans Reichel, doubleneck stereo guitar and 2 E-bows: Mini-suite [untitled] (07.22); recorded summer 1991.

Tom Djll, Serge Modular Synthesizer interfaced with digital delay and sampler and multitrack recording: Dream band (04.02).

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