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From Fri Apr 12 13:29 PDT 1996 Date: Fri, 12 Apr 1996 13:14:50 -0700 From: (Dan Plonsey) To: Subject: JOB & Manufacturing of Humidifiers @ Beanbenders April 17 8:30pm

Hello Happy Followers of the Obscure Sounds:

Coming up at Beanbender's April 17, 8:30 PM, sharp!

Job (8:30) & The Manufacturing of Humidifiers (9:30)

Of Job, Matt Lebofsky says: "For those who have yet to see us, Job is and always has been an improv/catharsis trio containing me (drums, voice, Nord), Mark Schifferli (guitar, bass), and Jai Young Kim (violin, Djembe, keyboards). We've just completed the recording _K._ (cassette-only release), and hopefully will have another tape ready by the night of the show.."

I would add: in sound and spirit Job are very very fine and dandy!

The Manufacturing of Humidifiers (featuring Dan Plonsey (me) on saxophone; Randy Porter, guitar and exotic strings; Ward Spangler, percussion) are as iconoclastic and bombastic as anybody. They (we) will play 8 fully notated miniature symphonies amidst their (our) unusually cataclysmic set-construct. And we (they) will be joined by the fabulous Mantra Ben-Ya'akova!

Beanbender's is found in the Berkeley Store Gallery Annex, 2295 Shattuck Ave (at Bancroft Way). Admission is $5, children (accompanied by parents) get in free. Plenty o' snacks (perhaps including the infamous ManofHu lemon bars?) and coffee and cold drinks will be available.

And if you need to know more extraneous information about Job, check out: