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> With all the rumors going around about Henry Kaiser being Jerry's > replacement on guitar, I would like it if someone could tell me who he > is and what his credentials are.

Henry J. Kaiser III is the grandson of industrialist Henry J. Kaiser, for whom the Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center in Oakland is named after. Henry Kaiser III is also a SCUBA instructor for U.C. Berkeley's scientific diving program (go bears).

Oh yeah, he also plays guitar. His style is very eclectic, drawing from rock, jazz, experimental, and non-western influences, among others. I caught him a couple of months ago in a _small_ (like, 30-person) restaurant/club in Berkeley; he spent the whole evening doing really cool and way-outside space-jamming.

As far as I can tell, rumors about Henry becoming Jerry's replacement are just speculation. However, I agree with others here that he is one of the few people that I can think of who could fill Jer's shoes.

> any recommendations on where to start are welcome.

He's got a lot of albums out, and I like all that I have heard. A good place for 'heads to start is _Those Who Know History Are Doomed To Repeat It_, which has, among other things, an extended Dark Star>Other One. He's about to release _Eternity Blue_, a CD of Dead covers in honor of Jerry, all royalties of which will go to The Eyes of Chaos Foundation, which was founded in 1994 by Phil Lesh, Gary Lambert and David Gans to foster the creation and exposure of new music. That CD will be a compilation of Dead covers Henry has done over the years, and includes appearances by Tom Constanten, Bob Bralove, and David Gans, among others.