From Wed Sep 25 1996 Subject: October Schedule for Dark Circle Lounge (Hotel Utah) 170w

HOTEL UTAH'S "DARK CIRCLE LOUNGE" Tuesday Nights - Improvised Music

An ongoing series of improvised and creative ruckus in a hostile and often violent setting.

October 1996 Schedule

Oct. 1: Addressing the Age-old Struggles of the Human Race... Tim Perkis/John Shiurba: guitarman vs computer!10:45 Dan Plonsey - plays Bird (Ivory-Bill preview) ... 10:00 Doug Carroll - Further Deconstructions of the Electric Cello 9:15

Oct. 8: More Post-Jazz Adventures... Sheldon Brown Group 10:30 Tony Malaby/Dave Scott Quartet (from LA) 9:30

Oct. 15: Amazing Instruments/Odd Sounds... John Schott's Diglossia 10:30 Rotodoti 9:30 Oct. 22: Extensions of Rhythm & 1. Topple 10:30 Rotten Piece (from Texas!) 9:30 Oct. 29: Extensions of Rhythm & Noise... pt 2. UBZUB 10:45 Allegory Chapel 10:00 Haters 9:30

Admission is $3 The Hotel Utah is at the corner of 4th St. and Bryant, in San Francisco. (415) 421-8308