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This series of programs represents a cross-referential group which is listed here as a recurring subject still evolving. "ANOTHER UFO" has become an outlet for recombining a large and ever growing collection of UFO related material, and covers the subject from every angle that distinguishes this unique sociological phenomenon. It is unique because it is one of the very few subjects of modern media which forever bounces uncomfortably between formats of "fact" and formats of "fiction". In the late '40's and the 50's, UFO sightings quite regularly appeared in both local and national newspaper headlines all across the country. It was this initial wave of public recognition in "factual" formats that inspired Hollywood's initial wave of UFO concoctions, not the other way around. As time passed, those fictional concoctions then began to come into play within people's assumptions when they experienced things they could not explain. The perceptual waters are now muddier than ever, but after 50 years of almost totally anecdotal "evidence", there really is far too much continuing corroboration to ignore, to attribute to the vagaries of "imagination", or to simply ridicule because it doesn't fit our physics and "it can't happen here". And yet the lack of hard evidence keeps our "serious" journalistic and scientific establishments at bay, fearing the very ridicule they have come to practice towards the subject. For those who generally ignore this phenomenon, you may be surprised at the degree to which more sophisticated investigators are now involved in UFO research, which also remains infested with all the kooks, scientific quacks, hoaxers, delusional new agers, conspiracy paranoids, and generally ignorant flim flam you might expect. All this has created a contemporary field of cultish mystery which is not only "virtual", but virtually unresolvable short of that public, "undeniable event" we all await.

I try to approach the subject on a noncommittal but intelligently suggestive glide path. Because of this attitude, I am often asked whether or not I "believe". Actually, I don't "believe" anything. Better to know or not know. "Believing" is to end one's thought process in relation to a given subject, and it's a shirking of one's own intelligence when dealing with something which can neither be proved nor disproved. I'm not afraid to say I don't know, although given the extensively documented history of this phenomenon, I venture to guess that there is more to this than meets the eye. Interestingly enough, and somewhat similar to quantum physics or the Bible, recent speculations suggest that the most fantastic possibilities of all actually provide the most "reasonable" explanations, ironically challenging our humanoid brains to reconsider the strictly four dimensional perceptual tunnel we find ourselves in. "ANOTHER UFO" shows are among our most popular and controversial transmissions with listeners.


ANOTHER UFO (Roswell) Nov. '91. Solo.

Omer Edge begins the show from his remote location in the Lucky Muck swamp where he intends to document the nature of swamp gas and why UFO's are constantly mistaken for it. An audio memo from the Netweb's Retro-History Project lays out the basics of the reversible logic which the Netweb uses to "transinfiltrate" future informational adjustments into past programming and why. Then this show focuses on the most famous and best documented event in modern UFO history - The alleged saucer crash in July, 1947 near Roswell, New Mexico. Representing most researchers' "best evidence" for the existence of extra-terrestrial visitors moving through our world, the crash at Roswell remains the pivotal UFO event, boasting the most witnesses, physical evidence encountered (including alien bodies!), and the beginning of the alleged Government cover-up of UFO activities some claim has been in effect ever since. Dr. Gene Scott (one of my favorite media eccentrics) is prominent throughout reading from several of the written accounts of the Roswell crash. Probably struck by lightening during a thunder storm that night, the craft allegedly hit earth at two points, one being a huge debris field covered only with tiny bits of very strange fragments which exhibited physical properties unlike anything made by us, and the other being a huge gouge in the desert several miles from the debris in which lay a small, relatively undamaged "heel shaped" craft with several small alien bodies lying nearby. After the property owner spread the news and showed the strange material found in the debris field he discovered, the Army from nearby Roswell Air Base (the base which housed America's original atom bomb air wing) was quickly on the scene. After discovering the second crash site, military personel quickly removed the craft, the bodies (one of which is said to have been alive), and collected every scrap of debris. By that time, many civilians had already encountered the debris material and witnessed many aspects of the high security cleanup. 1947 was a huge year for UFO sightings all across the U.S. and particularly in the Southwest. Amazingly, the army immediately issued a press release stating they had actually recovered one of the rumored "flying disks", but quickly retracted this revelation the next day with an explanation that it was only a weather balloon, which they maintain to this day, and which witnesses both in and out of the army who saw and touched reject to this day. While some witnesses have related details freely, others have only spoken of it on their death beds, or have only mysteriously hinted at what they know, claiming adherence to sworn military oaths of secrecy, while others claim to fear direct threats of family death they received at the time from military officers. Throughout this story, as told by a variety of remixed media features on this event, we periodically return to the Lucky Muck Swamp where Mr. Edge, still searching for swamp gas, uses his portable computer link to the Howland Media Archives to locate historical audio documents. These are radio "actualities" from New Mexico on the day of the crash in which Rip Littlegreen reports from the crash scene and interviews Sergio Carracus who is on site representing C. Elliot Friday's interests, the straight poop from military intelligence is presented, and the New Mexico station's weatherman (played by Negativland's Weatherman) is interviewed concerning what he knows about weather balloons. Peppered with a variety of other UFO phenomena, this show only begins to tell you all you need to know about Roswell, which you can remedy if you read on. Three 100 cassettes. Dolby B $25.00


ANOTHER UFO (Abductions) Sept. '93. Solo.

Omer Edge returns to the studio from the Lucky Muck Swamp he was in for the Roswell show (Nov. '91) and realizes he is the victim of "missing time" (about 2 years?). Another recorded memo from Howland's Retro-History Project explains and confuses everything. This show deals with all kinds of material relating to the UFO abductions phenomenon, drawing from radio and TV features on UFO's, UFOlogist interviews, other broadcasts covering the subject (principally Art Bell's syndicated late night talk show from Nevada and his Sunday evening show, first called Area 2000 and now called Dreamland), the TV movie "Intruders", as well as familiar reference points like "Close Encounters of the Third Kind". Human abductions evoke much paranoia and some of the kookiest speculations, and are perhaps subject to the most disbelief of any aspect within the whole UFO phenomenon. Nevertheless, those who seriously investigate abduction stories have found a disturbing plausibility in the widespread concurrence (in and out of hypnosis) of many specific, rather unimaginable details among unrelated individuals (including young children who could hardly be aware of the field's lore). Except for the cattle mutilations (also referred to here), abductions represent the most scary instances of alien intentions being apparently disinterested in what we like to think of as "human values". They do seem covertly interested in medically probing us, "operating" on our sexual organs, implanting internal micro-devices, even placing "half-human fetuses" of unknown origin in women and retrieving them within a few months, all leading to speculation that genetic research and/or manipulation is occuring. Amid all this, we switch stations to Vat Lardner bringing you the ABS news and a bulletin concerning a UFO related short wave broadcast by C. Elliot Friday just received. Reverend Tilt Reptilian follows with "The Bully Pulpit", a no-nonsence religionist's view of the recent worldwide acknowledgement of the alien presence, as callers chime in for an extensive dialog on UFO's and their religious significance. And what about those black helicopters? Three 100 cassettes. Dolby C $25.00


ANOTHER UFO (Probing Mars) Dec. '93 Negativland.

The whole band sets up for a 5 hour look at what's really on Mars. The show revolves around former NASA employee, former CBS science advisor, Richard Hoglan's contention that NASA photos taken by the Viking space craft that went to Mars in 1976 show artificial structures and a monumental mile long humanoid face looking straight up from the surface of Mars on the plains of Sidonia, as well as his suspicions about the failure of the 1993 Mars Observer mission which could have photographed these structures in much greater detail. We use a lot of edited interviews with Hoglan (principally from Art Bell's Dreamland show) and other researchers involved in studying these features on Mars, as well as a variety of science fiction material concerning Mars, The McDaniel Report and epistemology, NASA's history and evidence suggesting a NASA cover-up of this information, Arthur C. Clarke and "The Transit of Earth", Mars ex-spurt, The Weatherman, his scanner, and continuous live music beds by the band. With all these wacky guys involved, we take a less seriously provocative route through the basic concept, although there is plenty to consider here. It is suggested that, if real, these enigmas on Mars have probably been there for millions of years, predating human history, yet the face, in particular, is apparently designed to be seen from off planet. New work in Egyptology, particularly with regard to the Sphinx, suggests a reevaluation of assumptions about the age of the monuments on the Giza Plateau, and Hoglan also points up certain math links between the layout of the monuments in Egypt and similar pyramidal structures near Sidonia on Mars. Spaced out and with a minimum of live mike interaction, this show gives you a lot of improvised music and sounds from Negativland along with the perplexing subject at hand. Ends 3/4 into side six. Three 100 cassettes. Dolby C $20.00


ANOTHER UFO (Dreamland) Feb. '94 Solo.

Dreamland is one of the many names applied by residents local to the "secret" military test site, more commonly known as "Area 51", located in the desert around the dry Groom Lake outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. We join the show as Mr. Edge is listening to his phone messages. After an example of the usual prankster calls he receives from OTE listeners, UFOlogist Leland Googleburger's message sets up this program's overview of all the fascinating lore surrounding Area 51. Regular nocturnal displays of aerial phenomenon over Area 51 which do not conform to conventional aerodynamics give rise to the name Dreamland, and to the widespread belief that the U.S. Government has been testing captured alien flight technology there for years. Ever since Roswell, some believe the flying disk recovered there, and others since, are being "back-engineered" at Area 51 in order to build and fly them ourselves. One of the UFO phenomenon's most reasonable journalists, George Knapp, gives a thumbnail sketch of UFO background (Roswell again), as well as a description of the Groom Lake base and its history, and we hear a great deal from Bob Lazar, who claims to have worked as a physicist at the base where he personally saw several different alien craft being housed in underground hangers in which he worked on narrow aspects of the propulsion system. We hear a lot of his experiences and a lot of almost detailed description of the "gravity amplification" systems used to propel these craft. Receptacle callers add their own stories about the area and UFO sightings, and we read from the extremely interesting "Area 51 Viewers Guide" written by local resident/ researcher Glen Campbell, and distributed as a desktop published book. Area 51 geography is covered (from a couple mountain tops outside the guarded boundaries, one can illegally look down on "the base that doesn't exist"), cat and mouse games played by resourceful would-be viewers and the civilian paramilitary security force which guards the base's boundaries, a history of area sightings and strange occurrences of note, perceptual facts and fictions, and much more. At the very least, Area 51 is where the military has developed and tested its conventional experimental aircraft such as the U2, stealth aircraft, and the fabled Aurora "pulse jet", still not acknowledged to exist. Big, black budget secrets are kept here and speculations about the biggest one of all continue to proliferate, couched in logic ranging from plausible to ridiculous. Area 51 is a vast labyrinth of top and above top secret layers, deep within which is the "S-4" area at Papoose Lake (dry) where Lazar says the alien hardware is kept, and which is supposedly beyond access even to the commander of the base. Nevada residents who work at the base answer all queries with the phrase "If I told you, I'd have to kill you". Three 100 cassettes. Dolby C $25.00


ANOTHER UFO (Dreamland II) Feb. '94. Solo.

One week later we continue to explore Area 51, this time beginning with another audio memo from Retro-History which exposes Leland Googleburger's role as disinformational conduit, as well as Retro-History's ability to reveal their real purposes without fear of being believed. More on the secret Nevada test site, Bob Lazar's claim that he worked on captured alien craft and saw evidence of recovered alien bodies there, military security tactics directed at him when he quit the base and began to talk, corroborating and dissenting character witnesses who are checking his story, mind control, drugs, and brain washing. Also material on UFO detection, flight characteristics and strange sightings over Area 51, the nature of other technology, such as "Aurora", being tested at the base, Projects Artichoke, Moondust, and Blue Fly, the MJ12 papers, The "Falcon's" revelations, and more readings from the "Area 51 Viewer's Guide", as well as further versions (begun last week) of Nevada broadcaster Art Bell's one and only sighting on a road near Area 51 as he consistently redescribes it to every UFOlogist he interviews. Leland Googleburger calls in from Area 51 on a cellular phone from a mountain top overlooking the base. After discounting the existence of U.M.N.'s Retro-History Project, he describes C. Elliot Friday's private U2 parked on the runway below him as Mr. Edge attempts to distinguish plausible deniability from disinformational deception. Leland is then abducted right before your ears. Richard Hoglan discusses new discoveries, new physics, and the cover up of both, and larger doses of old science fiction dramas crop up. Dreamland II might be characterized as the more paranoid of the two shows. Two 90 cassettes. Dolby C $20.00


ANOTHER UFO (The Cows) April '94. Solo.

The 30 year mystery of cattle mutilations and their association with night sky phenomenon is probed, principally by George Knapp and Linda Howe in selected reports to Art Bell's syndicated radio show, Dreamland, from Nevada. Howe's persistent investigations of hundreds of these anatomically startling and obviously callous killings has produced many interesting patterns and a consistent M.O., perhaps suggesting that at least some of these represent the activities of a superior technology extending its' interest in Earth's genetic material down to lower life forms for purposes we can only guess at. If you have never connected the cattle mutilations with UFO's, be assured others have. Sightings of glowing objects at the time of these mutilations, sometimes over the field or range in question, appear to occur regularly. Cattle are found, "Precision cuts, surgical, eyes and utters removed, no tracks, no prints, no blood (!), no signs of a struggle, no answers." One eye will be surgically removed, One ear removed, the tail will be smoothly cut off at the tailbone, internal and genital organs are neatly removed, as well as "coring" and removing the entire rectal canal, doing all of this without spilling any blood, but sometimes draining all the blood from the body. There are no tracks at all around the carcass, even in mud or snow, and wild predators avoid this easy meal. Veterinary opinion finds the cuts and holes to be high precision, surgically knowledgeable, laser scalple-like cuts accomplished with extremely high heat - hardly portable equipment, even for the local Satanic M.D. And there are hardly enough "Jack the animal rippers" to account for the number of these peculiar tissue, gland, and organ excisions which continue worldwide and unabated as the decades go by. There are lots of associated sightings and more than one Johnny on the spot has seen a cow being lifted up into the night sky in a beam of extremely intense light, disappear into the bottom of a levitating craft, and be spit out shortly afterward to come crashing down through tree branches in the dark. And then there are those black helicopters hanging around the farmer in the dell... Most disturbing. Two 90 cassettes. Dolby C $20.00


ANOTHER UFO (The Crops) May '94. Solo.

My personal favorite among UFO associated phenomenon are the crop circles, being as they are, some kind of pure graphic expression and a polar-opposite activity to the gory cattle pathology. As in the mutilations, UFO sightings have often accompanied the creation of crop circles. The circles, too, have been with us for 30 years, appearing all over the world in waves of more or less, increasing or decreasing in complexity, but never ceasing. Those of you who fell for the heavy coverage by a welcoming media of the English hoaxers explanation should think that through and listen to this. As usual, reality is discovered in the details. Careful comparisons of "authentic" circles with those clumsily created for the press by those two English guys show their hoax to be a hoax, though this sticky little follow-up point has never been widely reported. Science has begun to analyze these huge patterns pressed into mature grain fields overnight, and they turn out to have many unique properties apparently quite beyond our ability to duplicate. In at least some of the crop circles, each grain stem in the pressed pattern is sharply bent only once in a 90 degree angle at ground level, the stalks appear combed, and they stay down flat! Occasionally single stalks remain standing straight up within a pressed pattern with no bend and no sign of ever being touched. Try that with a board and ropes, and then try it simultaneously on different continents. The flattened upper stalks are not even bruised. The grain stalks all "flow" around the design in the same direction and are actually interwoven in overlapping layers. Micro-analysis of the blackened plant tissue at the bend point shows unique molecular mutation somewhat similar to the effects of very intense microwave bombardment. There are no tracks or sign of equipment entering or leaving these immaculate impressions. Some speculate these sometimes simple, sometimes quite complex signs being imprinted in our food supply represent some kind of obviously intelligent "transmission", surely intended to be noticed if not understood. As such, they present the most tantalizing and probably the most unresolvable of all the enigmas from possible Others, yet these gigantic, geometric grain sculptures remain to stare us down, beautiful enough to be art as we know it... This show dribbles over its' edge into The Puzzling Evidence Subgenius Show in which Dr. Hal (Hal Robbins) and I discuss crop circles until the cassette runs out. Two 90 cassettes. Dolby C $20.00


ANOTHER UFO (Roswell II) Dec. '94. Solo.

This show began a full month of four UFO shows and deals once again with the event that began the modern UFOlogy movement. After a pre-show announcement about X'ing out Christmas, another memo from the Retro-History Project leads to a phone message from UFOlogist Leland Googleburger concerning new information about the Roswell incident and how to find it. This time we focus more exclusively on the saucer crash at Roswell with a lot of new media reference material. The soundtrack to the movie, "Roswell", is used against various documentaries on the subject and a variety of discussions gathered from radio and TV. Many more details about the seminal event of UFO history, as well as researchers' persistent methods of operation, and the rising tide of official curiosity about what may have happened at Roswell. There is now an investigation by Congressman Schiff of New Mexico attempting to get any Government documents which may exist relating to Roswell. Meanwhile, Omer Edge is out in the Lucky Muck Swamp again to retrieve a confidential tape from Leland Googleburger who is now an abductee on his way to the Moon. And it appears that both C. Elliot Friday and Sergio Carracus had their sticky fingers on that craft recovered at Roswell. "The truth will come out..." Two 90 cassettes. Dolby C $20.00


ANOTHER UFO (Sightings and Technology) Dec. '94 Solo.

Our second week in December '94 is devoted to the 50 year history of the sightings, themselves, and the possible technologies involved. From that fateful year, 1947, and pilot Kenneth Arnold's first airborn and widely reported sighting near Mt. Rainier in which he coined the term "flying saucer" (referring to flight characteristics, not the shape which he described as "Horseshoe" or "crescent shaped"), to a very recent, extremely rare tape of a radar operator tracking UFO targets over Michigan while hanging on the phone with 911, you hear the bird's eye accounts of real people seeing an array of craft and propulsion technology in the same sky we hardly notice every day. The Weatherman is a glowing orange object, someone sneers at my background, extended new looks at how alien craft actually work(!) and who might be flying them, and a wide variety of witness after witness tell their story. Roswell and Area 51 are back, paving the way for the cover-up. This month's shows begin to overlap at the edges with some material that missed getting in the previous show moving into the next. Two 90 cassettes. Dolby C $20.00


ANOTHER UFO (Abductions II) Dec. '94. solo with Subgenius Hal Robbins.

This stab at the abduction phenomenon expands on the previous effort while taking a much closer look at the abductees, themselves. There are several recorded interviews with abductees, edits from the soundtrack of "Communion", "The little blue doctors", lots of John Mack and other abductee researchers, and George Knapp's journalism. You are there for the actual details as told by the experiencers... "And as we plunge even further into the bizarre...", Crosley Bendix actually reappears with a Christmas review of the UFO phenomenon, Mary Poppins sings "Stay Awake", while lengthy personal abduction accounts continue ever more intermixed with stereo phone music, the integrity of research methods, phantasy phone abductions, and The Future Sound Of London. After three hours of this, the whole program turns into another program as I sit in for the off-planet Puzzling Evidence who normally follows OTE with the Subgenius Show each week. His partner in Subgeniusness, Dr. Hal, co-hosts this Sub-bonus two hour skewed addendum to the subject of UFO's, ha, ha, ha. After we each announce our new books (no kidding!), the Dr. lays out the details for what to expect when the X-ists come and a lot of other invaluable UFO whizzdum as the Subgenius know it, abduction hangover tapes from OTE intrude as the little blue doctor, Hal, expounds upon the "Grays" and their hive mentality, along with what appears to be a UFO sex line, solid callers, civilization and its noises, and the doctor does not stop talking... Three 100 cassettes. Dolby C $25.00


ANOTHER UFO (Revelation Cover-Up) Dec. '94. Solo.

The final show of this Dec. is 5 hours, being a 5th week of the month. (Programming Alert: Scheduling shifts now find OTE as a 3 hour show every week except when a fifth week occurs, when OTE occupies 5 hours, and we still skip the first Thursday of each month.) This show divides its time between speculations about how the public revelation of extra-terrestrial intelligence at work in our world will occur and what the results might be, and a lot of documented indications that our government knows much more about this phenomenon than they are releasing to the public and have actively pursued censorship, cover-ups, and disinformation regarding specific incidents for at least 50 years. Bob Dean, a retired high officer at NATO, relates the contents of an above top secret document which he used to sneak out of a NATO Vault to read at night. They know all about them. An urban park crash site is sealed tight for 3 days by Brookhaven Lab, abductees remember military personel in their otherwise other worldly capture, disinformation and freedom of information censorship, noises on the phone, Roswell hovers back with its' history of government deception since 1947, and the current congressional effort to get the GAO to get the pentagon to release Roswell records. UfOlogists speculate about the revelation and how it's being conditioned, desensitized, diverted, undermined, confused, or otherwise disinformationalized. The TV movie, "Without Warning", is mixed with Art Bell's nightly talk show from the night of a famous and forgotten massive overnight surge and loss of electricity across western North America during December, '94, (never satisfactorily explained, and it was a night of "spectacular" meteor sightings). prick me with a pin. "There's no turning back..." Area 51 is still there and high powered requests for access are refused, Barry Goldwater can't get into that hanger at Wright Patterson A.F.B, Alien pecking orders, military abductions, manipulating perceptions, humans may be "some form of farming", and various species of aliens may be in conflict. The Woodbridge military base encounter, This Big Hush, "Nobody ever happened", Receptacle phones finally get their turn for quick rounds of farce but eventually we find out some of those callers aren't what they seem, and the psycho-social problems we face if... IF THIS IS REAL! Three 100 cassettes. Dolby C $25.00