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HEARING VOICES (Feb. '94) Solo

A rather abstract but well articulated conglomeration of important and unimportant voices mixed in various mutilated fashions to ask the semi-musical questions: Can you tell the difference? Is what's in a voice more than meets the eye? Who says? Is your voice without a choice? What is he talking about? You can't go wrong with something this poetic. Two 90 cassettes. Dolby C. $20.00


THE WILLSAPHONE RELEASE PARTY (March '94) Almost Negativland

The Weatherman shows up with his two bodyguards and a power book user to celebrate the official release of "The Willsaphone Stupid Show" double CD. This is one big on-air party, copyrighted crowd in the background and all. There's ham jamming, CB remoting, green slime punching, an extremely rare appearance of the Over The Edge Wheel of Fortune, and jokes made up right on the spot. They don't come any more crowded than this. Three 100 cassettes. Dolby C. $25.00



Begins with the broadcast of a 32 minute pre-recorded studio mix, "We'll Be Right Back", about Nazi genocide in W.W. II and the advertising which accompanied it. This is followed by a live-mix extension of that W.W. II/advertising theme, this time in the Pacific and the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, followed by a detailed remixing of the book and movie, 2001, with end-of-the-world scenarios from various versions of War Of The Worlds and George Stewart's Earth Abides. Add to this the fact that some horrible catastrophe has befallen Earth and the Netweb is being switched to emergency automated receptacle operation while Mr. Edge flees the planet, and you have this milestone in past/future apocalyptic broadcasting. Three 100 cassettes. Dolby C. $25.00



A static filled look at TV and its' pervasive effects and persuasions. We channel surf through reactions, analysis, commentary, critique, satire, and demonstrations relating to our national agenda setting medium and its ability to create belief and promote believability. As Peter Jennings suggests his reporters put on gas masks and a crowd outside ABC chants "Tell the truth!", the whole electronic parade speeds on much too fast to understand its own effect on the passive consciousness of its audience. "This species has amused itself to death". (See "Caution" under "We Are Driven") Two 90 cassettes. Dolby


SUGAR AND SPICE (June '94) Negativland.

Everybody but the Weatherman mixes around the subject of females, femininity, and feminism. We mix with anthropology from a female's point of view, lots of Pop music of the early 60's reflecting an abrupt change in female self-identification, how to pick up girls, "They're using her to sell you this", the first Soviet beauty contest, telephone instrumentals, makeup, Julee Cruise, The Waitresses, patriarchal religious heirarchies, Playboy Bunnys on Family Feud, Diamanda Galas, lemonade for the boys, singing marriages, The Happy Gang, Girl Fight Tonight, and a fair amount of live music. Two 90



With a nod to the more historically recent holideck, this particular Black Hole Tube surrounds the participant with the old west. Includes the remixing of Once Upon A Time In The West, The Searchers, The Lone Ranger, The Sons of the Pioneers, and much other western media and music, among which, Dr Linear Syntax, using the name Prof. Allisandro Sikes, (he comes from Dimension X and Tube Control), carries out his search by "wire recorder" and tracking devices disguised as telegraph lines and steam engines, for renegade physicist Sergio Carracus, known in the Last Roundup Tube as Shred Ralston, who heads the Quantum Church which is now illegally occupying a black hole cave with no entrance, along with little gray Modocs from Yellowstone, somewhere near Switchpath. That torch from 300 years in the future should do the trick. "Let THEM worry about the Industrial Revolution!" All of the many Last Roundup shows should...someday... produce a CD, but this show would probably be the skeleton and stands on its own jess fine. Three 100 cassettes. Dolby C $25.00


THE DUMMY SHOW (Aug. '94) Don and Will Ryle.

Not for the easily amused, but the uneasily amused can appreciate it. Ventriloquism is the subject, as I actually demonstrate the art with my own dummy, "Ronald Redball", occasionally lapsing into early noir fiction dripping with dummies gaining psychotic personalities of their own, mixed with professional instructions and an amazingly humorless Fundamentalist act. Dr. Void calls in with a dark, hardwood review of this much neglected voodoo craft lurking in the shadows of show business. Lots of nice sounds and callers. Of course, I hardly had time to perfect the art of ventriloquism, let alone write jokes and stuff, so my dummy had to improvise a lot. And of course, he eventually goes crazy trying to be entertaining. Will brings the insane dummy to life. Two 90 cassettes. Dolby C $20.00


THE SAMPLE SHOW (Aug. '94) Solo.

An extremely lively update of several shows on music appropriation we have done, such as The Copywrong Show. This one remixes some virtually unknown material received by Negativland for consideration as releases on our Seeland label. Included are very interesting works by Chris Sizemore of San Francisco, The Evolution Control committee of Columbus Ohio, and many more. Never letting up and full of quick switches, this mix was about as close to perfect as it ever gets - a complex and fast moving mix of mixes of very funny and very illegal music which will never see a record store unless copyright laws are reformed to allow such artistic reuses of other people's work. Two 90 cassettes. Dolby C $20.00


GETTING SMALL (Sept. '94) Solo.

This one revolves around a mix of 3 different early science fiction shows from old radio which deal with shrinking people to sub-atomic size. Interesting fantasizing, frozen in 50's fiction, inspired at that time by an emerging public awareness of quantum physics. All this is interrupted for a lengthy set of detailed instructions on how to build your own "phone fidelity" device which will significantly improve the sound quality of your phone send to O.T.E. The Weatherman provides instructions on tape, then calls in live to compare notes with a caller who's even better at it than he is! This is IMPORTANT INFORMATION, as well as an excellent user demonstration of how well this home-made device works. When we say "deposit your programming", this is the rig that allows you to take us seriously! Two 90 cassettes. Dolby C $20.00


WE ARE DRIVEN (Sept. '94) Solo.

Cars of the early 60's, combined with tapes from the rest of the Dick Goodbody show from which "The Starting Line" ( "JamCon '84") cassette was edited. As Dick and the Weatherman exhaust ALL the prepared contest questions on callers from the past, there is also lots of cool music by Dion as we attempt to track a car that has somehow broken free... "Beautiful, wonderful, new world of Ford. Now that's more like it". This is also Radio Free California calling America, two callers debating The Dead, and some well done receptacle input from listeners. [Caution: Just because the blurb is short, do not assume the show is



An extended, brain-blowing remix of all the known and unknown Jimi Hendrix music I could get my hands on. A continuous, merging, overlapping, multi-channeled intercutting of The Experience, along with sporadic dialog from the Hendrix film, "Experience", and assorted comments about the '60's. Lest you become nostalgic, all this is forced through some distinctly new sorts of digital manipulations, contemporary effects sporting settings unknown in Jimi's day, and a live reel to reel loop delay now extremely rare on O.T.E. since our new decks make it hellishly difficult to accomplish. This man was the greatest mutant guitar genius of all time, and this 3 hour, solid music mutilation is a wacky act of total respect. Goes with any psycho-active substance. Two 90 cassettes. Dolby C $20.00




Upon discovering that Vangelis (maker of the theme music which begins every OTE) finally released his original soundtrack to Blade Runner, Scott Riddle hosts a 3 hour remix of the dialog from Blade Runner and all the original and associated music. This is one of my 3 all-time favorite movies and it provides a personally delightful playpen of disconnected sounds and plot. " Do you like our owl?" "More human than human is our motto." "Wake up, time to die." Inspired by this extremely effective cinematic creation of a darkly Gothic future so full of gripping ambience that the plot seems like a by-product, this turned out to be a moody good job of stretching that ambience out over twice its original length with the help of edits, loops, repeats, and the Receptacle. It probably helps to have seen the movie. Two 90 cassettes. Dolby C $20.00


TELECRIME (Nov. '94) Phineas Narco and Don.

Hot on the real life heels of a crazed gunman with several automatic weapons shooting up San Francisco for 30 minutes, Phineas and I present a frenetic mix of media generated fear and violence, with TV news being the most prominent perpetrator. Phineas provides a few scripted live-action bits relating to previous shows too complicated to explain here, and his own musically familiar ode to capturing media for his own use. Somewhat disturbing in its rapid-fire capabilities, our double mixer barrage layers multiple action bits and violence-prone actualities with self-analysis from media pundits and reactionary reactions all over the place, punctuated by descriptive calls from an eyewitness S.F. resident and from Australia, where things are a little more calm. "Tell me every detail, I've got to know it all, and do you have a picture of the pain?" Two 90 cassettes. Dolby C $20.00


THE LAZY WEATHERMAN (Nov. '94) Negativland with Alicia Rose.

A slim but true premise (we can't get the weatherman to go out on tour with us because he's lazy) produces surprisingly interesting results. Negativland's forcefully Scottish manager, Paul McGoonis, (Mark) and his wife Penny (Alicia) attempt to encourage, persuade, harass, and otherwise convince the reluctant Weatherman to get off his charismatic duff, get on the bus, and do some stuff. Dr. Oslow Norway takes a more clinical approach. But in fact, the Weatherman is in top form as we all perform lengthy live versions of "Sue Ridgewater" and "180-G". Also live dual accordions, "Mr. Lazy", some fun tape edits, a lengthy new mid-section to "Sue Ridgewater" advocating suicide, and Dr. Norway's "lazy test", which refers us back to Blade Runner, are highlights of this utterly charming music & noise fest. But as is sometimes the case, it's the piece that went unplanned, 180-G, that blows it all away. Cool. Two 90 cassettes. Dolby C $20.00



Subliminal effects in ads is the ominous thread that runs throughout this edition of Advertising Secrets, a continuing OTE series on what makes America run, hosted by Dr. Oslow Norway, Dean of Psychiatric Broadcasting at UMN. A video soundtrack pointing out subliminal sex and death in visual ads is intercut with extensive commercial voice-over out takes, Ron Geeson music, Nike just does it, a Subaru campaign salvage attempt, Crazy People, English water filters, exploiting fear in order to relieve with a solution, ..."To become consumers." Mr. Googleburger hawks his book, callers and tapes converse around the subject, cool exotic music, free to believe a friggin car, a little "Testwave", more sheet metal, big breasts, and rather serious receptacle action complete with company rules. "Say something honest." Two 90 cassettes. Dolby C $20.00


THE OZ VELDT TUBE ( Feb. '95) Solo.

New Dual path content wave-guides propel the next generation of Black Hole Tubes, and this one combines The Wizard Of Oz with Ray Bradbury's The Veldt. Lions cross back and forth between the two. Tube Control introduces the idea to everyone in the lobby, then we follow Hollywood's gold brick road into the Oz Veldt. Dual Wizard soundtracks (The movie and a 1950 radio version), Dual Veldts - one read and one performed, and lots of "quick changes of scenery" - all on tape. Pussy cat lions and bloodthirsty lions run together throughout as the Hadley's out of control holographic nursery stuck on an African veldt dreamed up by their kids echoes Black Hole Tube technology, and we hear what went on behind The Wizard. Nice sonics, strange trip, kind of perplexing, but don't worry, it's all automatic, carefully developed, fully tested... or could they be testing it on US? Two 90 cassettes. Dolby C $20.00


YOUR BRAIN AND YOU (March '95) Solo

Three hours of brains, brain pieces, brain talk, brain songs, and Mertz. "What it is... What it means... is what it is." Reel to reel loop delays of Physio-analogistic dialog about what electro-organic mechanisms could possibly be operating with such sure fire success inside our brains - the how, not the why. But the Scarecrow is not so sure about the IF... All the known Mertz commercials appear as our favorite mental supplement sponsors an on the spot report from Crosley Bendix as he rides a space hauler to an orbiting Mertz manufacturing satellite and gets a tour of the facility by the managing Tool. Theodore Sturgeon reads from "More Than Human", Personality disorders on the phones, and soundtrack bits from Scanners. A rather sonically abstract mix of cut up serious brain discussions in psychedelic ambience, punctuated by Mertz making up your mind. Two 90 cassettes. Dolby C $20.00


ZAPPED! (March '95) Phineas Narco and Don.

This densely dual injected mix is a sonic assault on the early life, times, and music of Frank Zappa. Frank talks, others talk about Frank, and lots and lots of familiar and unfamiliar Zappa music jousts with itself for 5 hours. Beginning with a '63 appearance on Steve Allen's TV show in which a young and unknown Zappa gets Steve, his band, and his engineer to play real concrete music while Frank solos on bicycle, through a joint interview with John and Yoko preceding their Fillmore East jam together, this infomusic layer cake is thrown back into Frank's late face according to his own principles. From DooWop infatuation, to scary hair and the 20th Century's greatest mustache, to gutter subjects, intellectual sneers, and serial material, Zappa was one of America's most distinctive Pop Flirt composers. This is either just what you're looking for or "That is crap." Three 100 cassettes. Dolby C $25.00


EARLY RECEPTACLE '95 I (April '95) Solo.

Produced by MoonRock Production's archive facilities on the Moon, this live retrospective of early Receptacle Programming is hosted by Wang Tool, who was around for much of that early broadcasting. Roughly covering OTE shows between 1981 and 1986, and the entire month of April '95, these shows bring forth from the archive vaults various examples of historical Receptacle input, razor tapes of the time, early productions of phoney commercials, the scattered genesis of C. Elliot Friday and his island empire, live and recorded music used and abused during those years, and all this just keeps going for three weeks. Some of the calls are live on the tapes, some of them are live on the air, and the same goes for Wang Tool. Two 90 cassettes. Dolby C $20.OO


EARLY RECEPTACLE '95 II (April '95) Solo.

Some things continue from the previous week, new things begin, a whole new set of razor tapes from the '81 to '86 time pool, all mixed up with live '95 callers. You get lots of selected Receptacle and big chunks of an '84 Negativland Christmas show called "Danger In The Home", including a live Playboy Channel, parakeet talk, and lots of new mixing with old elements like Yellow, Black, and Rectangular, Judy and Dorothy, The Steel Jaw Leghold Trap, Time Zones, C. Elliot Friday, operators of the past, and more. These three shows go a long way to catch you up with a whole lot of pre-'86 OTE show elements which no longer exist on tape in complete shows. Two 90 cassettes dolby C $20.00


EARLY RECEPTACLE '95 III (April '95) Solo.

Even more of things continuing with even more that's new, including coincidental bombs throughout. The Weatherman from his many sojourns Over The edge, Suicide Man, '70's Dream (edited from a live Weatherman piece of that time), evermore interweaving live and taped callers, four whole editions of Wang Tool's Joke Corner in which he tells the ever expanding versions of his early 80's Joke live in '95, an unidentified amazing Dr. Gene Scott rap piece, and "Too many special effects, not enough story". The 3 week soundtrack to Carpenter's Dark Star never does conclude, and neither does the musical space opera, Rigel 9, but there's Road Warrior, 48 Hours (Now's The time), the Cindy call jam, Fun In Space, Crazy Bill, and it all ends in a World Without Love. (Outside, Oklahoma City and Unabomber headbites and soundlines are everywhere...) Two 90 cassettes. Dolby C $20.00