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JAMCON '84 (Seeland 004) CD only.

Was originally released on cassette in 1985.

Track listing - 1. JamCon '84 (40:10) 2. Negativland's 4th of July Stockholders Picnic (19:21) 3. Body English (14:20)

Total playing time 74:13


Good Hello, shoppers of the obscure. As you know, I may have a famous name in mass media, but don't turn away from this unusual offering on that count alone. You see, my career is the result of lending my name to what were once unrecognized categories of cultural phenomena, simply because any one of them may provide tomorrow's critical bread and butter, so to speak.

As you know, if a creative critic can tie his or her conceptual tail to an obscure cultural comet, (preferably before it gets above the horizon) and then that comet bursts into the view of millions, that comet critic becomes known as a pretty bright guy or gal, and mingles freely among the stars of the avant-garde both above and below ground. In other words, if this jammer thing is ever able to break through the attention barriers of the media beast then it could change everything about the way I'm perceived. That's what I believe in. That's what jammers mean to me. If you've bought this CD, however, jammers will mean something entirely different to you. But that's enough about me.

You hold in your hand the condensed version of JAMCON '84, the second international jammers convention. What a scene! Created by Negativland, JamCon '84 was a five hour live broadcast on Over The Edge, KPFA - FM, Berkeley, California. JAMCON '84 brought Negativland face to face with some of the West's most notorious jammers for an all-night ham roasting blast of shortwave frolic and free association, which is guaranteed by they Constitution. So shove it in your gaping disc player and enter this unsuspected underworld of American independence : the world of the jammer.


JAMCON'84 is edited entirely from a five hour live radio mix originally broadcast in May 1984. This broadcast mix used tape decks, microphones, cart machines, turntables, CB radio, scanner radio and effects of all sorts. Spontaneous public access came via unscreened telephone.

Thanks to Kent Hastings for his assistance in arranging for the appearance of Ted Wright, who was the only person able to get W6DR to consent to an interview (W6DR remained hooded during the program). Participants in JAMCON'84 were - Don Joyce, David Wills, Mark Hosler, Richard Lyons, Chris Grigg, Ian Allen and Kent Hastings.

"JAM is my specialty!" poster by Dan Lynch/Negativland.

C. Eliot Friday's campaign broadcast was aired as a public service according to FCC regulations to insure fairness. Mr. Friday subsequently lost the election by a large margin. _________________________________________________________________

NEGATIVLAND'S 4TH OF JULY STOCKHOLDERS PICNIC is a brief excerpt from a show broadcast on July 4th, 1985. Participants in the picnic were - Don Joyce, Mark Hosler, Ian Allen, Peter Dayton, Richard Lyons, David Wills, Stoney Burke and Dan Ruderman.

PICNIC poster by Barbara Smith/Negativland. _________________________________________________________________

BODY ENGLISH is a complete (almost) recording of President Ronald Reagan's Second Inaugural Address. The live satellite feed of the President's Inaugural Address was the sound foundation for a live radio mix by Negativland. As the President spoke, Negativland used the KPFA studio to present a simultaneous, multi-channeled display of media conduits designed to assist the listeners perception of information management.

BODY ENGLISH was written and directed by Don Joyce and John Rieger, with contributions from all the participants. It was broadcast at 9:00 am on January 21, 1985. Participants in BODY ENGLISH were - Don Joyce, John Rieger, Ian Allen, Mark Hosler, David Wills, Richard Lyons, Chris Grigg, Vic Bedoian, Russ Jennings and Julia Randall.

BODY ENGLISH poster by Tor Clausen/Negativland.