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Good Hello! You've reached Negativmailorderland--

As you probably know, a massive lawsuit from Island Records has forced the withdrawal and destruction of our single "U2". It has also caused the total disintegration of our relationship with SST Records.

Eventually, we'll release a book which documents the entire amazing story from beginning to end, but for now what this means for Negativmailorderland is that we can't get any more of our old releases on SST. This may change for better or worse. (Right now, SST is planning to sue us as well.) But anyways, here is what's currently available.

NEGATIVLAND (Seeland 001 CD) -- Our first recording, released in 1980 with one-of-a-kind handmade covers. We made over 9500 handmade covers for the vinyl version and were doing the same for the compact disc. CD comes in a special box, every cover is different.

POINTS (Seeland 002 CD) -- This is NEGATIVLAND's hard-to-find second album, originally released in 1981. Long out of print, these are early suburban noise/music/text/loop pieces from the formative years of the now highly litigated 4 (or 5) Floptops. Re-mastered and sounding better than ever.

A BIG 10-8 PLACE (Seeland 003 CD) -- The LP is out of print. This is our Difficult Listening epic, three years in the making, with ultra elaborate packaging. This has been re-released on CD with all the original packaging, and yes it does include the baggie of lawn clippings! (Though the winter version might have tanbark woodchips instead.)

ESCAPE FROM NOISE (SST 133) -- CD. Our first release on SST. This one, quite unintentionally, seems to be our most listener-friendly release so far.

HELTER STUPID (SST 252) -- CD. Gee, we're famous! Gee, we're getting sued! Things get scary as we try to solve our "problem" and only manage to make things worse. Learn the truth.

GUNS (SST 292) -- CD single. GUNS, GUNS, GUNS! Rockin' and Rollin' on full auto.

Cassette-only series edited from our weekly live radio show -----------------------------------------------------------

JAMCON '84 (SSTC 233) -- Volume one. Ham blasting.

PASTOR DICK (SSTC 901) -- Volume two. Christianity is drunk.

THE WEATHERMAN (SSTC 902) -- Volume three and everyone's favorite of the series so far, so come out.

DICK VAUGHN (SSTC 905) -- Volume four. A retrospective of Mr. Vaughn's career in broadcasting and Moribund Music of the Seventies. Six months of his life!

Various other stuff -------------------

NO OTHER POSSIBILITY (Seeland 005) -- Video. This sixty minute VHS has been delayed about a million times, but is now available. We take over your T.V. set and you finally get to meet the Weatherman's mother.

AL THE ALLIGATOR (Seeland 007) -- Cassette only. Negativland produced, engineered, and mixed this tape of children's songs written by Jane Timberlake. Not a joke, kids really love this music!

CHRISTIANITY IS STUPID -- T-shirt available in large and extra large. Yep, we made a t-shirt, but don't worry, it doesn't have the name NEGATIVLAND on it. That would be too grossly self-promotional and we also think it's pretty stupid to wear the name of a band on your chest.

"IS IT OVER YET" -- Xeroxed and stapled version of the original 20 page booklet found inside ESCAPE FROM NOISE.

EUROTOUR -- A beautiful 2 color poster from our short European tour, with a wonderfully bad English description of us on the bottom.

"NEGATIVLAND IS STUPID" -- This pin comes from the UK and is made by the Copyright Violation Squad. Grey, black, green with Negativland house.

THE LETTER U AND THE NUMERAL 2 -- In 1991 Negativland did an impossible thing: they put out a record called U2. It was utterly crushed out of existence. Negativland has now produced a limited edition CD/Magazine containing an amusing wealth of material documenting the entire U2/Negativland episode from beginning to end. Includes 96 page magazine and 30 minute CD containing Crosley Bendix reviewing the U.S. Copyright Act!

So, that's it. And remember, if this list doesn't satisfy all your consumer needs, we can still be reached directly, care of Seeland Records, 1920 Monument Blvd., MF-1, Concord, CA 94520. Bye!



Negativland has now gained free legal assistance in their legal battles with SST Records and are in the process of filing counterclaims to fight back. Two fans of the group have come forward with offers to lend Negativland enough money to release their next album, Free, on their own Seeland label. Due for release on April 15, 1993, Free will be the group's first full-length studio release in years.

Free contains both songs and found sounds relating specifically to a well-known convenience store chain, torture, the quality of urban life, Cadillacs, firearms, the Bible, interstate trucking, geriatric discomfort, bicycle safety, alcohol consumption, driving in circles, death, organ buttons, religious dialectics, and the truth about our national anthem. There is nothing on it about U2.

Negativland will be doing a short West Coast tour in late April and Early May (Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, Eugene, Bay Area, Santa Barbara, L.A. Area, San Diego, Tijuana).

When and if the group's magazine/CD "The Letter U And The Numeral 2" is released, it will be completely revised to reflect the new rounds of lawsuits.

Stock # Artist Description Format Key # Price ------- --------------- ----------------------- ------- ------- ----- 5001 Jane Timberlake Al The Alligator Cass 2 7.00 5003 Negativland A Big 10-8 Place CD CD 4 12.00 5007 Negativland Christianity Is Stupid T-shirt 3 12.00 (Large or X-Large) 5008 Negativland Dick Vaughn cassette Cass 2 9.00 5014 Negativland Helter Stupid CD 2 14.00 5017 Negativland JamCon '84 cassette Cass 2 9.00 5018 Negativland Negativland CD 2 10.00 5019 Negativland Negativland (very LP 3 20.00 limited 12") 5021 Negativland No Other Possibility Video 6 18.00 5023 Negativland Points CD 2 10.00 5030 Negativland Guns CD 2 11.00 5031 Negativland The Letter U And The CD 5 20.00 Numeral 2 (very limited amount) 5032 Negativland Negativland Is Stupid Button 1 10.00

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