downloaded from the web on june 7 1995 HotWired: Club Wired - Transcripts presumably copyrighted 216w

R.U. Sirius, a veteran of the San Francisco Bay Area cyberpunk scene, joined us in Club Wired on Thursday, 23 February 1995, to discuss his status as Icon-At-Large for Mondo 2000, his perspectives on being wired, and on technopolitics. R.U. Sirius is also a regular contributor to WIRED, and a Contributing Editor for io, bOING bOING and Future Sex magazines. Sirius discussed his role as lead conceptualist for Mondo Vanilli, with whom he's recorded the CD IOU Babe for Nothing/Interscope Records, scheduled for release some time in 1995. R.U. Sirius is also working on an upcoming novel, How to Mutate & Take Over the World, due out in the Fall of 1995.

sean asks: Tell us a little about "Mondo Vanilli"....

Ahh, now there's a GOOD question... Mondo Vanilli played Milli Vanilli backwards... Milli Vanilli started off pretending to be real but proved to be fake. Mondo Vanilli pretended to be entirely virtual but now we've recorded an album and are planning performances. My favorite comment about the album we've made is someone who said "this is what would happen if Frank Zappa, Bowie and the Residents were locked in a studio and FORCED to make industrial/techno/house music."